Cent Cols Challenge

Who are Cent Cols Challenges for?

Because of the distances, and the huge physical and psychological challenge, the Cent Cols are only for the strongest and most experienced riders. On most days riders should expect at least 8-10 hours in the saddle, and to be self-sufficient for long periods of time. The remoteness of the terrain also means that accommodation and food are less luxurious than Rapha’s other trips. However, Phil Deeker and the Rapha team of guides, mechanics and soigneurs take care of all logistics and everything riders need, letting you focus your mind, and legs, on the cols.

It is usual that some riders don’t complete the parcours. But, thanks to the stunning settings and the camaraderie, and possibly to reserves they didn’t know they had, riders often find they rise to the demands of the trip and take their riding to a new level.

We recommend that you visit Phil Deeker’s Cent Cols Challenge website which explains in greater detail what is involved in these trips.