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  1. Doing things differently – CANYON//SRAM

    Words: | Photography: Andy Bokanev & Dan Chabanov | Date:

    #Takethelead, CANYON//SRAM’s oft-used hashtag, can mean so many things. It’s easy to imagine it as a race strategy, even a mantra during an extreme effort. But it’s not just about winning, as Tiffany Cromwell explained in the post-race panel at the Rapha Cycle Club New York, it’s about growing women’s cycling by doing things in a fundamentally different way.

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  2. Rough roads curdled the milk

    Words: Tobie DePauw | Photography: Andy Bokanev | Date:

    As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are banishing our winter jerseys to the back of the wardrobe, we thought we’d take the chance to tell the tale of the Rapha Prestige Midwest, which was, by all accounts, a hardy expedition through Wisconsin’s worst wind, rain and terrain.

    For those of you hearing about a Prestige for the first time, here’s a quick recap: teams set off at two-minute intervals to cover a course of 120 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing, and each team must cross the line with its full complement of riders in order to count as true ‘finishers’.

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  3. The Trappist Brewery Tour

    Words: Gerben Gerritsen | Photography: Ertzui | Film: Ertzui | Date:

    For cyclists, the Ardennes is a place more commonly associated with bergs than beers, drawing fans and pros alike to its famous roads each year for three of the sport’s classic races. But for four Rapha riders, it was the idea of connecting three monastic breweries using these historic race routes that drew them to Belgium. Here, Gerben Gerritsen shares the story of his Trappist brewery tour.

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  4. Dalsland Runt

    Words: Hagen Bender & Niklas Schelling | Photography: Hagen Bender & Johan Björklund | Date:

    Over three days in May, cyclists from across Europe gathered for the Dalsland Runt – an independent ride through Dalsland, Southern Sweden. Held since 2011, and growing from a group of three friends, the Dalsland Runt embodies the spirit of adventure riding, taking its participants over the remote gravel roads and forested terrain of Sweden’s ‘lake province’. Below, two riders share their accounts of this year’s Runt.

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  5. The Distance Diaries: Part 2

    Words: | Date:

    Long-distance riding offers more time for reflection than any other discipline in the sport. ‘The Distance Diaries’ is a series of journals penned anonymously by a randonneur and, a few months on from the first, our rider laments a long-term injury, and the mental challenge of being in limbo.

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  6. Prepare.Execute Diaries: Sky-high standards

    Words: Ian Boswell | Photography: Kei Tsuji | Date:

    Team Sky rider Ian Boswell is providing Rapha with dispatches from the frontline of racing at the Giro d’Italia. His third diary entry, written the day before team leader Mikel Landa was forced to withdraw with illness on Stage 10, proves that in the sport of cycling, even the best laid plans can unravel in an instant.

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  7. How the race was worn: Wout wins a Monument

    Words: Rapha | Photography: Graham Watson | Date:

    The weather forecast for Sunday’s Liège-Bastogne-Liège spelled snow storms and sunny patches in equal measure so Wout Poels knew he would need his versatile Rapha Shadow kit to race in. The 28-year-old climber had left it at his house back in Holland, however, so after La Flèche Wallonne he made a detour on his way to Liège.

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  8. The unmatchable ups and downs II

    Words: Rasmus Helt Poulsen | Photography: Jonny Hines & Jered & Ashley Gruber | Date:

    If you’ve signed up for a Cent Cols Challenge, there is a chance that you were caught up in the moment when you did it. Maybe you were looking at amazing photography in a Rapha book, got carried away on a sunny day in France, or had one glass of wine too many. That might have been what happened to me. Signing up is easy. Following through can be a challenge, especially if you live in the Northern part of Europe like I do, where the weather tends to welcome your training ambitions with a cold wet kiss.

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  9. Panache Awards 2015

    Words: Simon Mottram | Photography: Watson & Offside | Date:

    Panache has become somewhat of a four letter word and even considered a touch hackneyed by parts of the cycling media. At Rapha, we believe it’s what makes road racing the most exciting sport in the world. Panache means cunning, guile, bravery and skill, not just legs of steel and the lungs of a whale. This season was sometimes spectacular, from the wind-lashed cobbles of Belgium to the shimmering tarmac of the Pyrenees, we witnessed moments of exceptional bike racing. And so, to salute the season that was, we’ve asked some friends of Rapha to nominate their favourite exploits of the last year to help us compile a shortlist of the best panache of 2015.

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  10. The Book of Cross: Chapter One

    Words: Joe Hall & James Booth | Date:

    Jeremy Powers is back with an all new video project, The Book of Cross, produced by Motofish. Never shy to face the camera and speak his mind, this is a follow up to his popular documentary series Behind the Barriers. Chapter One is a look at Cross Vegas 2015, which this season became a UCI World Cup race, the first to be held in the USA and the first ever to be held outside Europe.

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  11. Unpaved and unrelenting

    Words: Herbie Sykes | Date:

    Valetti and Bartali under a blizzard on the Rolle, 1939. Coppi’s ambush of Koblet on the Stelvio in ’53. Then Massignan and Gaul, Coletto, Nencini and Anquetil on the Gavia in 1960, arguably the greatest of them all. Arguably the murkiest was Gimondi, seven years later. When he went on the Passo Tonale the rest – the “holy alliance” of Motta and Balmamion, Anquetil and Aimar – simply sat up. The fiftieth anniversary Giro had its Italian winner after all, as Salvarani won what amounted to a sealed bids auction. Merckx in extremis on Tre Cime, De Muynck smashed to pieces on the Zambla.

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