To the Sun: Andrea Westerlind

As a native of Sweden, Andrea Westerlind knows what it is like to deal with the darker months of winter. Especially when they last a little bit longer than everywhere else. Her site – – has been, over the past year or so – becoming one of the go-to outdoor spots. Especially if you are into well-made objects and clothing that lasts. Between running her own retail operation in New York City and looking to open shop in LA, we are surprised that she has any time at all to herself. However, she still manages to ski, hike and hot spring her way into the lighter months.

You’re from Sweden and have a bit of a ‘deep winter’ over there. How do you keep yourself motivated, creatively, through the winter months? Do you have some Swedish trick you could share with us?

That’s easy. Lot’s of alcohol and sex… Either way, physical activities are important to keep energy and motivation high.   

Exercise, the outdoors, they are all linked to creativity, especially the connection between the two. What is your current outdoor fun?

I agree with that. Spending a few hours outside every day makes all the difference in the world. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as it’s outside. However, the ultimate is to jump into cold water. I don’t think anyone has ever regretted a swim.

In that line of thinking do you have a hike, trail or ski run that you have been on recently that you enjoyed? 

A friend of mine manages the fire station on the Channel Islands outside of Santa Barbara. I sometimes go there to visit him, ride rusty jeeps to secluded beaches, go fishing, that kind of stuff is really exotic and fun for me.

Favorite media that you’re into right this moment? 

I watch lots of random documentaries. This morning I watched one about the band Scorpions and how they were the first western band to play in the Soviet Union. Wind of Change, remember that song? Super inspiring stuff.

You also do a lot of work connecting the fashion industry with the outdoor/adventure industries. What is inspiring you in recently in that department? Is there someone or something that we should be looking out for? 

I’m excited about any small business that is doing great stuff without big funding.

Favorite bit of gear that you have found this year that we need to know about? 

Hoka One One makes a running shoe that is probably the craziest looking shoe I’ve ever seen, but amazing for the knees. It’s gotten me running again, which is a fun thing to do in New York. There are more girls running the NY marathon than guys these days, which is very cool.

On the other side of that,  what in the way of gear is something that you never leave home without? 

My Swedish military socks from Woolpower is a real experience enhancer this time of year. The power of wool!