The Calling

Starting on Friday March 21st 2014, 14 women from around the USA will gather in Los Angeles to discuss the state of cycling. These Rapha Women Ambassadors will meet for an informal training camp, taking the chance to ride and discuss the state of affairs in clothing and racing. The Calling, as it has become known, will serve as a reboot for the Ambassador program, as well as a first-time meeting for many of the women involved.

As we meet up with the Ambassadors in sunny California, you can follow them on social media to gain insights into the kind of riders they are. And with partners like Trek Bicycles, SKRATCH Labs, Giro and Oakley, you can expect an action-packed weekend. Get to know these women because you will certainly see more of them throughout the season as the Rapha Women’s range continues to expand. They will also be leading and participating in the Women’s 100 rides in their home regions.

Then, after the weekend comes to a close, the next chapter will unfold when six of the women will ride from L.A. to Sacramento, following the 2014 Tour of California route. Retracing the tire tracks of the Rapha Continental, who followed the route in 2009, these women will tackle everything that California in late March can throw at them, from coastal highways to some of the best climbs in the country. Follow along for stories, films and surprises from the Rapha Women Ambassadors and The Calling.

2014 Rapha North America Women Ambassadors