Rapha Women – Cindy Lewellen

photos by Jake Stangel

This woman should need little to no introduction from us. She has been with us for a while now, from photo shoots in Italy and California to riding with the Rapha Continental during the summer. And that is before we even mention the daily rides and races where we get to see her here in Portland, Oregon. Whether she is riding motorcycles as photo support for the Cascade Classic Stage Race cheering for us at the side of a local Crit, participating in the Rapha Women’s Prestige or just pedaling alongside as we head into the hills. It is safe to say that Cindy Lewellen does it all. If we could add one more thing to that list it would be the CycloFemme ride that she is leading tomorrow May 13th. More information about CycloFemme can be found here. But keep reading to see Cindy Lew’s official Rapha Women’s Ambassador Questionnaire…

Cindy Lewellen


Portland, Oregon, USA

Business Affairs at Wieden+Kennedy Advertising

What kind(s) of bikes do you ride?:
Moots Vamoots CR, Moots Psychlo X, Beloved Flamme Rouge, Klein Palomino MTB.
Number of years you have been cycling? 
 In one form or another: the majority of my life. As my main form of exercise/sport: the past four years or so.

Do you have a favorite cyclist?  
Evelyn Stevens. What female cyclist doesn’t dream of quitting her desk job to race bikes and Evelyn’s done it successfully with humbleness, grace and gratitude. She’s an inspiration and role model both on and off the bike.

What is a favorite place you have ridden? 
New Zealand’s South Island. Although the Black Forest scores a close second.

Where would you most like to ride?  
The Dolomites and Alps. Have toured them by motorbike, hot to pedal them. I do love a good climb.

Knee warmers, full legs, or embrocation?  
Full legs in the winter, knee warmers in the spring and fall. Embrocation detracts from the pleasure of the post-ride shower and you can’t remove it mid-ride if you get hot.

What’s the main difference in riding a bicycle as opposed to riding a motorcycle?
If you drop a motorbike it’s much harder to pick up.

Who is going to win the Giro d’Italia this year?  
I don’t have a favorite. Will be cheering for the underdog in the best looking kit.

What is something that women who want to watch professional cycling should know?
I find it humbling that professional female cyclists train and suffer just as much as men but for much less money and media exposure. It makes their successes (and failures) all the more sweet (and bittersweet) and their passion for the sport shows in their racing.

To Ride Your Bike…
Is beautiful and empowering and I wish every woman who hasn’t done it would try it.