Rapha and London Women’s Race League

Rapha will be headline sponsors of the London Women’s Cycle Racing League (LWCR) in 2012. Established in 2010, the league is a series of grass-roots races in London and the South East catering for the growing number of women taking up competitive cycling. A great platform to introduce newcomers to racing, the league allows riders to develop their skills and learn how to race.

Rapha will be providing the league with a wide level of support, from leaders jerseys and the private hire of circuits for women’s-only events, to end of season prizes across the league for top riders, special awards and teams.

Rapha will document LWCR events with photography and writing, including guest writers and interviews with local riders. Anyone participating in the London women’s league who would like to submit photography and articles for publication throughout the season are encouraged to do so.

Simon Mottram, Rapha CEO, said of the sponsorship:

“Road cycling is the most beautiful sport in the world and we want to help new riders build their confidence, grow their ambition and feel like cycling is an important social part of their lives as well.”

To further encourage the growth of women’s cycling, and following on from the women’s CX clinics led by Rapha ambassador Claire Beaumont in 2011, Rapha will run skill sessions to demonstrate some of the basics of safe road racing and bike handling for everyone from beginners to top riders who want a bit of extra practice.

Women’s cycling should be recognised globally for the incredible athletes who ride at every level of the sport. The LWCR league has already set the bar very high and Rapha’s sponsorship aims to build on this and ensure the 2012 season the best yet.