Time for Touring

© Jobst Brandt

After a week where volcanic ash prevented thousands of people from flying to locations in and out of Europe, it’s time to rethink the art of travel. Supposing we didn’t have the convenience of commercial flight and instead depended on more grounded means of transportation, how should we approach it? Two words: Cycle Touring. It seems that we have grown far too dependent on air travel and spend all weekend in the departure lounge.

Of course, Rapha has its own brand of cycle-touring planned this summer in the form of the Rapha Randonnées where riders will undoubtedly have to make use of air travel. But I predict 2010 is the year to dust off the panniers and bedrolls and set off to the Alps, Dolomites or Rockies and create your own brevet without even a sniff of an airport . Rapha even have guides to help you plan such journeys.

© Pete Drinkell

Yes, cycle touring may remind you of wrinkly old buzzards in anoraks, but it doesn’t have to be that way. So don your Touring Shorts, grab your Michelin Maps and get touring.