The Festive 500: The winners

The wait is over. We can now reveal the winners of the Festive 500. It was very difficult deciding who would take the top spots, so if you have any problems with who we’ve awarded prizes to, forget it. It’s all in the name of riding (and winning). To view all the entries please visit our Facebook page, Twitter and older blog entries.
4th Place
In a fourth place prize-spot is Rupert Cox of California, because he’s 12 years old and many grown men (including me) failed to complete the 500. He wins a 2010 Rouleur Annual.

3rd Place
In third place it’s Emily Brock from the States with her blog diary of completing the 500, Emily wins a pair of Winter Gloves (looks like she needs some).

2nd Place
Second is Daniel Carruthers. Some pretty crucial riding here, clocking 726km in China no less. You win a Hope Light (no wonder he’s smiling).

1st Place
But top of the podium is Bjarte Bjørgen Olsen from Norway with this rather tidy film. Bjarte wins a bundle of Deep Winter Tights, Winter Jersey and Winter Hat. Let’s hope he’s thawed out by now.

And all the people listed below will be receiving special edition woven badges. If your name is not there and you think you deserve one, get in touch. NB: Make sure your address details are registered on the site so we can send you your prize.

Once again, congratulations to everyone involved.

· Mark Adams
· Takahashi Yuki
· Tony Steward
· Mick Freeman
· Daniel Carruthers
· Michael Raven
· Per Eric Rosén
· Christian Tillmann
· Charles Hutcheson
· Emily Brock
· Henrik Öijer
· Greg Descargar
· Bjarte Bjørgen Olsen
· Michael Ross
· Mary Jane Watson
· Jay McStay
· Tarik Saleh
· Lance Farley
· Nate Ripperton
· Paul Rollings
· Chris Locke
· Rory Berry
· Sean Smith
· Tobias Whaley
· Paul Bowman
· Fabio Albertoni
· Chin Lee
· Aaron Hulme
· Dave Wyman
· Owen Richards
· Troy Coleman
· Andrew Shaw
· Andrew Pearson
· Craig Harding
· Mike Papageorge
· Jan Sotorník
· Florian Goessmann
· Stefan Rohner
· Marion Hambrick
· Dan Manco
· Steve Barratt
· Bernd Straehle
· e vad (?)
· Marlena Klaic
· Mark Hutchison
· Ad Vermaas
· John Russell
· Victoria Armstrong
· Richard Pearce
· Frank Yeager
· Joseph Kristian Orellana
· James Salazar
· Kurt Cornell
· Jim Morehouse
· Rob Meyers
· Mike Eng
· Mark Slavonia
· Dirk Maertens
· Steve Taylor
· Eddie Relin
· Brock Price
· Daryl Spano
· David Pouncy
· Jason Sager
· Chris Matthews
· Gavin Hornibrook
· Howard Buckley
· Michael Hodgson
· Tim simmons
· Guillermo Bartolome Husson
· John Pogson
· Steven Campbell
· Rupert Cox
· Tim Cox
· Dave Christenson
· Clive Pursehouse
· Wes Bevan
· Steve Messer
· Derek Braunch
· Stephen Dodson
· Daniel Geber
· Peter Lunt
· Nico Toscani
· Mario Traversi
· Kay Bowen
· Matt Swiatek
· Mark Gregory
· Karl Trigwell
· Rick Ewing
· Graham Briggs
· Jon Heaton Armstrong
· Josh Caffrey
· Jonathan Warner
· Matthew R
· Sir Brian Palmer