The Best of the Festive 500 2013: Part Two

Here’s our second shortlist in an attempt to share and decide the best entries for the Festive 500 2013.

On The Road

Creator of Leave it On The Road, Michael Tabtabai delivered this beautiful photo essay titled Report 1. Leave It On The Road is a cycling blog and publication raising awareness and funds for the Colon Cancer Alliance, which initially began as a ride across the States.

“It’s 4:30 – fifteen minutes or so after the sun dipped behind the trees that line the ridge and the shadows along the southbound gutter of Dirty 30 are already deep and it is hard to tell the sticks and rocks from the screws and nails that litter the roadside… It’ll be hard to stay warm from here on out, and all my mind is focused on pulling into the garage, stripping these sodden layers and sitting on the shower floor for 15 or 20 minutes. I also think about those two peanut butter crackers that fell on the ground an hour ago. I was hungry enough to stop, pick them up and eat them but I left them there because I remembered reading about a pro cyclist getting sick from racing on country roads where there’s a lot of cow shit.”

You can view Report 1 in its entirety here »

Old School

Remember those things at school that were a kind of origami-style-tarot-card-reader? You’d choose a ‘door’ uncovering truths about you and so forth. We don’t know the name of this miraculous paper device, but Jacqui in Sydney made one to document her Festive 500. Top of the class.

Jazz Hands

Toshiki Sato’s black and white photo-story with a merry jazz soundtrack is simple and elegant.

Handmade Tales

Chloe handmade her journal, and posted it to us with a very nice covering letter. She combined printed Instagram pictures with handwritten captions and even presented the book with a festive ribbon. Lovely work.

Send me a Postcard

Craig Swatton sent us not one but eight postcards describing each of his journeys to complete the Festive 500. And they weren’t just any old postcards. Continuing the trend of combining social media with more traditional communication methods, he used Instagram pictures and his Strava data combined with hand drawn maps. His ride descriptions were pretty good too, Day 7 in particular captured the essence of Christmas riding in the UK:

“Horrible. Really suffered today. Masochistic choice of route on the most open, exposed roads I know around the Isle of Grain [Marshland in Kent] whilst it was blowing a gale and hissing down with rain. Spent most of the time swearing about the weather… Quickly changed my mind with a tailwind powered sprint finish to nab a cheeky KOM on Strava.”

Baby, it’s Cold Outside

More handmade goodness here, sent from Austria with plenty of love and effort. Stefanie Wacht provided us with facts, figures, thoughts and feelings all in a beautiful hand written journal. She was apparently the only Austrian female to complete the Festive 500 and documents her journey upon her bike, called ‘Pony’. She visits various Mozart shrines, skirts along the border with Germany, and heads into Salzburg’s old town. Stefanie also visits her mother, has Pony licked by cows, stops off at Hellbrunn Zoo to snap a camel, and includes a tantalising picture of her Grandma’s Christmas Duck. All of this combines to make her a very happy Festive 500 ‘ryda’.

The Crosby Show

Yann-Yves O’Hayon-Crosby has made a nice little film about his adventures on what looks like an old Peugeot. For that alone he gets shortlisted. Check out his website to see his other films including a Paris-Roubaix short.