Pro Visit with Tim Johnson

Photos by Jeff Curtes

Red Bull Cyclocross Racer and former U.S. National Cyclocross Champion Tim Johnson stopped by the office this morning to go for a little cross ride with us. Somehow we finagled him into a Red Classic Softshell that we had emblazoned with the Red Bull logo. Johnson is in town to race the USGP’s this weekend out at the Portland International Raceway.

We all gathered at the office and then headed up and over the famous St. Johns bridge and into Forest Park. First it was up Saltzman, down Fire Lane 5 and then back on Lief. Tim took the time to ask any questions put to him, especially those by local Pro racer Steven Hunter as seen here:

I would venture to say that we would play host to Mr. Johnson any day of the week. His stories of cyclocross worlds, his days racing for Saturn Cycling (alongside Chris Horner, Jonathan Page and Mark McCormack,) as well as a funny one of Johnny Sundt putting hot embrocation on before he pulled up his skinsuit were a great reminder that Pro’s are people too. Which is easy to forget when you are standing on the sidelines watching him blaze a trail on the Cross Courses around the country. However, if you get a chance to say hello to Tim, do so, he has to be one of the most accessible athletes on the pro racing circuit today.

After the ride we headed over to visit our local baristas Matt and Aubrey at the Blue Gardenia for some coffee, pastries and stories. The talk quickly turned from riding and racing to the finer points of staying out on Jantzen Island and the merits of the Bagel Dog for post ride recovery. But other interesting points to the conversations were humorous asides about the things said on the start line (in this case between Geoff Kabush and Ryan Trebon) and the news that Tim will be racing the Cyclocross World Championships in Prague at the end of January.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck tomorrow.