Otto Miller – Round One

We did our first Otto Miller ride yesterday, something that we are going to be doing as a monthly adventure. If you are in the area on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, come ride with us. The highlight of the ride (some people say highlight, some people say torture device) is a little road by the name of Otto Miller.

The temperatures are starting to drop, which means a bit more planning is necessary when plotting the days clothing. In fact I was surprised to note just how long it took to pack everything for the day. Thicker socks, leg warmers, bibs, baselayer, jersey, winter jersey, jacket, spare tubes, pump, multi-tool, food, keys, wallet – it was all jammed in there. There were a good number of the Winter Jerseys in effect. Their wind resistance being a necessary feature. Personally, I opted for the Rapha Condor Team Stowaway to really combat any wind getting through.

As we headed up Otto Miller Road, which is a gravel ascent that goes on for about 6-7 miles, I started to question my own clothing choices. The tree covering and the steep climb instantly shot temperatures through the roof. I was sweating bullets like a grading truck spills soft wet gravel on the trail, not making anything easier. But the only thing to do at that point was look for the best lines. Deceivingly enough the best ones were the corrugated lines left by the machine itself. Smoother ‘looking’ is not always better as 25c tires sank right in and left you squirming like you are riding a Cross bike.

Near the top of the climb, Slate (in his full-on Winter Tights spent some time contemplating his new Ira Ryan bicycle. He kept saying something was wrong with his bike. The symptoms were that he would pedal and pedal and people just kept riding away from him. Luckily Ira himself was on hand to tell him that it was just “user error.” Whatever that means.

After around 55 miles we closed back in on this grand city of cities. But not before descending down the delicious Germantown Road. I only say delicious because they just repaved the whole bottom section of it which is now very nice and smooth. Instead of the pothole infused car gauntlet that it once was.

Then we toasted a great ride. See you in December, Otto.