Festive 500 Filmic Inspiration

To get your legs tingling with excitement ahead of the Festive 500 2013 here’s five favourite Rapha films of 2013. Some more wintry than others, to give you a taste of what’s to come, and others more sun-kissed, to remind you what you’re working towards.

Rapha Continental: Cymru

The UK Continental’s first and only (official) ride of 2013 saw them take on the route of the 600km Bryan Chapman Memorial in Wales. Snow blizzards and majestic vistas of Snowdonia abound in this classy short.
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Deep Winter

Ben Ingham knows how to create intrigue in his films and the photographer here captures perfectly the idea of anticipation and the impending task of riding in awful conditions. Should get you going.
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Gentlemen’s Race: Adelaide

A recent number from their ever-consistent Rapha Australia studio. This one features a sheep-shearer talking about trust and camaraderie, which is what the Rapha Gentlemen’s Races are all about (loving your fellow sheep).
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Rapha Continental: Yunnan, China

Ever been to Shangri-La? No, didn’t think so. But if you’d like to see what it looks like when explored by bike, watch this magical number from our Rapha crew in southeast Asia.
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Rapha Continental: Pacific Northwest

Some people started to get a bit twitchy (and teary) after watching this one, getting the impression that it was the farewell ride for the Rapha Continental North America. What some fail to realise is that the Continental will never cease to exist, as long as there are open roads to explore, just go and ride your bicycle.
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