Twin Towns

Name – Monique Kawecki

Occupation – Editor of Ala Champfest Magazine, a biannual print publication from London and Melbourne which focusses on investigations and insight into international creative culture. We provide a platform for emerging talent worldwide, whilst shouting about the established in their field. Co-editor is my twin sister Joanna – who is based in Melbourne – and our contributors are all based in various parts of the world such as Tokyo, Seattle, New York, Paris and Sydney. We proudly print in England on specialised paper, and are stocked internationally in places such as MOMA in New York, and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Does cycling tie all your interests together? – Definitely. In many ways. On one hand, it connects me to like-minded people. I’ve found all my friends who cycle are movers and shakers. It must be the freedom factor that draws us all to cycling in the first place. On the other hand, cycling also enables me to do many more things in a day. I could never visit all our stockists, or schedule more than a few meetings in a day without cycling to each location.

Describe your bike – Today I’m riding my custom 14BikeCo step-through. I chose each part on it, specifically requesting the Brooks as I’ve never used one before! I can recommend it to all…

Where are you going on this particular day? – I also work at Dover Street Market in west, so today on my lunch break I also had to drop off magazines at Haunch of Venison, Wardour News and Tokyo Fixed. I cycled to the Tate Modern (another drop-off) on my way home to east London.

Is this your typical attire for around town? – Yes. I always wear something flexible and easy to ride in. Here I’m wearing my Junya Watanabe dress and Comme des Garcons jacket as they’re also good for work at Dover St. I always wear Vans when cycling.

What is style on a bike? – As long as you’re comfortable it doesn’t matter! Practicality wins every time.

Why London? – I travel a lot, but London is still the best city in the world to me.

Favourite journey by bike in the city? – From my home in east to the Tate Modern in south, then back across the Thames to the Serpentine Gallery through Hyde Park.