The Waltzer

When Walton Brush overtakes you on a bike, the first thing you’ll notice are the glasses, the second is the lack of perspiration. It is almost unnatural the calm he exudes on the road, choosing a line and keeping it, maintaining cadence and never looking back.

Working on bikes, and living to ride, Walton has been known to ride close to a century before clocking in to wrench at MASH Transit, for whom he is also a team rider. His discipline has led to a stream of wins in the last few years. ‘The Walt’, as he is known, also took a third-place finish at the Red Hook Criterium in Brooklyn this year, as well as earning his Cat 2 road licence in recent weeks. He scored a podium finish at the SSCX, excels on the dirt, but has continued to find success on the track and road, too. Barely into his twenties, this transient resident of San Francisco is a versatile young rider and something of an enigma. And if you ride in northern California and the Pacific Northwest, you may just run into him.