Summer Scarf

Name – Basia Lewandowska Cummings

Occupation – Editor/ writer/ film curator

Does cycling tie a lot of your interests together? – I’ve been cycling since I was tiny – first with my Dad along the Regents Canal to school, with those multi-coloured spoke beads [Spokey Dokeys] rattling away. I’ve always seen it as a wonderful way to navigate the city, and although I’m a born and bred East Londoner, I didn’t really know this city properly until I started cycling in my late teens.

Describe your bike – A Geoffrey Butler track frame, crudely sawn bullhorn handlebars, Rolls saddle. A beautiful but crumbling ‘GB’ crest at the front, which has been lovingly taped off during numerous paint jobs.

Where are you going on this particular day? – To work. Sadly I was about to tackle the Old Kent Road.

Is this your typical attire for around town? – Pretty much. My beloved Polish scarf accompanies me everywhere.

What is style on a bike?
When the bike is just an extension of your life, and you switch seamlessly between cycling and everything else.

Why London? – It’s home.

Favourite journey by bike in the city? – Across Waterloo Bridge at night. It still gives me goosebumps, every time.