Sports Illustrated

Name – Joost Stokhof

Occupation – Illustrator

You’ve made illustrations for the upcoming Rapha city guide on Amsterdam, what is your connection with the city? I was born and raised in Amsterdam, it’s the city that I lived in until I was about twenty. I moved to Utrecht to go to art school. After my education was done I stayed in Utrecht but I have plans to live back in Amsterdam some day.

When did you start cycling? Like every other Dutch kid, at a very young age with a set of training wheels. So you’re able to pedal back and forth to kindergarten. And later on every other school you’d go to, because as a youngster it’s your way of getting about really.

Did cycling become more than just a matter of transportation?
Definitely. About five years ago I visited Hamburg, St. Pauli, and everybody had these beautiful old frames and bikes. At the time was I sleeping at my friend’s place that was located in the same street as Suicycle, so the entire fixed gear scene was concentrated around that area. Before seeing that, I always used to ride crappy old town bikes, and that was just fine, especially in Amsterdam. But I remember that being the first time that I thought to myself a bike can actually be very beautiful.

How is it that the cycling theme seems to work so well with your style?
Well my love of cycling really came about from this aesthetics point of view, the shape and contours of these old racing bikes. As well as the gracious motion and aerodynamic position on the bike. This all really translates well to paper, so I very much enjoy drawing anything bike related.