Machine Operator

Name – Chris Scuglia [Skool-e-yuh]

Occupation – Frame Builder/Fabricator at Cielo Cycles.

How did you come to the cycling lifestyle? – I grew up in Albuquerque, had done some mountain biking and enjoyed riding along the Rio Grande but when I moved to San Francisco in 1994 the bug really took me. I moved without any idea of work and within my first week I had landed a job as a bike messenger and also as a bar back at the Cafe Du Nord. Being in that messenger lifestyle it’s hard not to get hooked on bikes. Your bike becomes a very important part of your life. Bikes have remained a large part of my existence,  for my career and recreation.

I know that you made your bike, could you describe it for us – Sure, this was my first experience building with lugs and I wanted to build one bike that could be everything to me. This being Portland I made room for fenders while remaining within the limits of a regular reach brake caliper. I used double over-sized, slant six lugs (six degrees of top tube slope) using Columbus tubes and those Columbus chain stays are beefy and stiff. The bottom bracket lug and the head tube are stainless and all the bottle bosses, even those used for mounting the fenders, are blind to keep the rain from taking its toll. It may be interesting to mention that those straight fork legs are True Temper OX Platinum, light and stiff. I’ve really been enjoying this bike. It was the first bike to be painted in the Cielo paint booth. I was gracious enough to let Ben, our painter, test the new booth out on my frame. I’m an altruist that way (ahem).

What is your daily commute like? – I ride seven miles to work each way and am fortunate enough to cross the Willamette river twice a day. The view of the river from the Steel Bridge in the morning is just awesome.

Is this your typical attire for around town? – It’s typical for my commute, though usually there’s a Rapha Rain Jacket or Wind Jacket involved. Also, I tend to wear really, really tight pants instead of shants, usually.

Why Portland? – I was quite taken with Portland when I made the trip for the NAHBS in 2008. My family and I were living in Paris in 2010 when I applied for a machinist position at Chris King. They wanted to see me for a face-to-face interview and we had decided then that we would move to Portland whether or not I got the job. I got the job.

Favourite journey by bike in the city? – I really like biking with my girls to school, but the west hills of Portland are such a great playground for the road cyclist. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book. I really enjoy Saltzman Rd. Picking a favorite ride is like trying to choose a favorite song, impossible. Oh, and… My wife is awesome.