Le Cyclofemme

Sarai Snyder from Boulder, Colorado is the founder of Cyclofemme.

My Women’s 100 was spent riding in the slipstream of all the women riders around the world. Just a few years ago I could never imagine such camaraderie and connection between women riders. But with greater opportunities for women to ride and celebrate together, with CycloFemme and events like the Women’s 100, the tide is changing. We are building a collective — a peloton — that is strong enough to pull us all. Even when we face the road alone.

I am proud and honored to be one of those riders, taking my turn at the front and sharing stories at the end of the day.

I took myself out riding last Sunday for the Women’s 100 and savored every minute of it. That feeling of accomplishment, of watching the women’s cycling movement grow, of breathing fresh air and clearing the demons that collect. The ones that tell me that I can’t, I won’t, that it is too far, too high, or that I am just not good enough. Knowing that the demons are all wrong because we just did.