Dove Vivi

Name – Robin Cornuelle

Occupation – Media Strategist at Wieden+Kennedy

Does cycling tie all your interests together? – Cycling is sport, transportation, and social time, all in one – so, yes.

Describe your bike – This is my around-town ride, a Lemond Etape from the last year (I am only 97% sure this is true) that they were manufactured as Lemonds.

Where are you going on this particular day? – Leaving work after an art-show opening, likely headed to Por Que No for tacos.

Is this your typical attire for around town? – Yes! Sneakers + jeans.

Favourite eating spot in Portland? – Dove Vivi Pizza, and if you live in London, bike yourself over to Otto Pizza in Notting Hill. It’s the UK outpost of Portland’s famed pizza place.

Favourite journey by bike in the city? – In Portland, it has to be the bridges, I love riding over the Broadway Bridge, which is great for seal-watching.