The Toughest Season

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Since 2004, Rapha has strived to create the finest cycling products and services in the world. Winter is a particularly tough season and a decade of winters after Rapha first launched, we look back at how our mission to make beautiful, high-performance apparel has evolved and the exceptional levels of service you can expect as an owner of Rapha products.

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  • Phil Rapley

    For a UK company, I’ve never been able to work out why your reflective bits on clothing are on the left arm/leg when we ride on the right hand side of the road?

    • Matt Noble

      Because its a continental brand.

      • Alastair Gordon

        But it isn’t, it’s British!

        • Matt Noble

          Yes, but it’s styling (branding) is European, Italian primeraly I think. As its a bigger market with more heritage.

    • Park

      wear it reverse.

      • Phil Rapley

        Hahaha! I think pockets at the front would be great!

  • kevin

    For a Uk company i cannot understand why we as customers do not get free delivery from them

    • Hi Kevin, our free-shipping thresholds are higher than those of our (larger) UK-based competitors in order to maintain services such as our Jersey Downsize offer (, Free Repairs (

      • kevin

        Hi Leo that’s a fair point you make and a good one too,but still think that free postage in UK on all of you items is possible .Not everyone afford the £100 before you get free delivery in one go,but they still would like to a own a nice piece of kit made by yourselves .

        • Toby Evans

          I’m with Kevin on this one – the clothes are great, but the shipping just isn’t very good and feels like penny pinching. Prendas are much smaller, shipping is free and *always* arrives the next day. With Rapha, there’s a fairly substantial shipping cost, and it takes days and days to arrive. There’s been quite a few items that I’ve gone elsewhere for just because I object to the high price of shipping and slow delivery.

          I know all the very valid arguments, but shipping is by far the weakest link in the chain, in my view

          • Phil Rapley

            I too would have to agree. For example, how much do those black envelopes cost to make just to hold a receipt? They just get chucked in the bin!