The Greatest Show on Earth

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One of the essential road racing films, The Greatest Show on Earth documents the dramatic and captivating 1974 Tour of Italy. The 57th edition was one of the most exciting and closely fought Grand Tours of that decade, when Eddy Merckx had to first depose José Manuel Fuente to claim the pink leader’s jersey, then duel with the young Italian, Gianbattista Baronchelli, on the final, dramatic mountain stage. It remains one of the great scenes in cycling cinema, the backdrop to the stage provided by the towering spires of Tre Cime di Lavaredo, with the tifosi screaming at the roadside as Merckx, Gimondi, Fuente and Baronchelli battle to the summit.

Capturing the chaos and fanaticism of cycle racing in Italy, The Greatest Show on Earth will be showing on today only. It is also available to buy on DVD from

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  • Tks! Cheers!

  • Chris

    No Helmets. Scary…

  • Som_sagt

    What tires did they have back then? Awful noise when they taking on the corners during their descent? :-)

    • Ken

      i think is actually the brakes making that sound.

  • Velocodger

    Thanks so much!

  • Jake Calder Burby

    Bellissimo Rapha…gratzie…

  • Tim Schamber

    “all connected by two-way radio.” Awesome.

  • Tim Schamber

    15:55 into this classic film is pure gold.

  • Tim Schamber

    And at 16:43. The bearded guy on the left? Could be in Rapha’s “Look Book.” Classic stuff.

  • Christian Lepley

    Terrific film. The chaos, the glass bottles of water and police chasing dogs is an amazing thing to watch. All with the aesthetics of the 70’s. Thank you for sharing it Rapha.

  • JonasHallstrom

    Thanks. That was my friday evening. Tomorrow I need som lokal mountains :-)

  • JonasHallstrom

    Thanks. That was my friday evening. Tomorrow I need som local mountains :-)

  • gogi salsa

    It would be cool to write the movie credits… and I am wondering if world cycling has the right to sell the dvd.

  • Gary Miller

    Thank you from downunder for bringing back the memory’s of life as a young man when the world was full of optimisin, hope and courage. A wonderful record of life before digital or carbon anything.

  • Bjorn Alkema

    totally loved it!!! THANX….

  • Jason

    I could watch films like this all day long.
    Fantastic how it just captures that era of cycling.

  • the jersey pocket

    Wonderful. Thank you.

  • HicksOnHicks

    Thank you Rapha

  • Tim Fowler


  • Tom Hnida

    What a catch. Stunning downhill in mist. 37:20

  • Ryan Siu

    Is the movie now closed for viewing??

  • johnm

    Summertime and the strings are funky
    Fantastic collage of 70’s chic

  • timojhen

    Thanks much!!! Great fodder for the trainer.

  • Howard Taylor

    Thanks for showing this, amazing footage and inspiring as well! Just wish one of the ‘waterboys’ had remembered to ‘steal’ a bottle opener as well, I was on pins watching as they tried to open the glass bottles and pass them around the peloton!!

  • Toby Evans

    I’m out of breath just watching that. It’s incredible. The crowd on the mountain shame the modern-day amateur runners, they did it with trenchcoats …

  • Eddy Vermeir

    Vleeseter … mmmm ….in Vlaanderen noemen we hem Kannibaal