Rapha Women’s Jersey Guide

Rapha’s award-winning range of jerseys offers something for every ride, and every rider. From the technical, race-ready Canyon//SRAM Aero Jersey, to the long-lasting comfort of the Brevet collection, use this guide to find your perfect jersey. Also see the Men’s Jersey Guide.


Hot or humid riding

Exceptional performance in the heat.


Women's Short Sleeve Souplesse Jersey

Fast-paced, high-mileage rides.
Slimline and snug, with a soft-matte finish.
Fast drying and lightweight with SPF 50+ sun protection.


Canyon//SRAM Aero Jersey

Your fastest rides, when aerodynamics matter.
A flattering, form fitting, Aero Jersey.
Lightweight and high-wicking. Low-profile cut using Coldblack® technology to keep you cool.


For rides when the seasons change

When there’s a glimmer of warmth in the air.


Women's Classic Jersey II

For when comfort and performance matter.
Streamlined, tailored cut reimagined for 2016.
‘The best bike jersey the world has ever seen’, reworked with 12 updates, including a new luxury merino.


Short Sleeve Brevet Jersey

Endurance and all-day riding.
Comfortable and stylish, inspired by long-distance brevets.
Insulating and breathable merino-rich jersey with a high visual impact.


Women's Core Jersey

Everyday rides and weekday commutes.
Pared-back design that’s flattering for all.
‘The new standard for everyday cycling apparel.’ Soft and highly breathable with a high-spec finish.


Team Sky Women's Training Jersey

Training rides by day, or even in low light.
With a flattering yet comfortable cut.
With a comfortable, on-bike fit and highly reflective features.


As conditions turn cooler

When the weather changes and you’re looking for warmth.


Women's Long Sleeve Brevet Jersey

Endurance rides in changeable conditions.
Flattering and comfortable, inspired by long-distance brevets.
Lightweight and breathable. Reflective chest stripes. Drawcord hem.


Women's Brevet Windblock Jersey

Long-distance, all-day riding.
A jersey with the protection of a gilet.
Wind-resistant panel on chest. Quick-drying for multi-day rides. Three deep cargo pockets.