Rapha partners with Sir Bradley Wiggins

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Rapha are proud to announce a new partnership with Sir Bradley Wiggins, the first Briton to win the Tour de France and one of the most iconic riders in the world. Now, in 2015, as Sir Bradley transitions from Team Sky after Paris Roubaix, Rapha will work with him to focus on new goals, including the Hour Record, the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, and beyond. As the first step on this journey, Rapha will provide kit for the WIGGINS team for their forthcoming season, beginning in March.


Using the rich heritage of British cycling, and taking inspiration from Sir Bradley’s global ambitions for the sport, Rapha is proud to have designed the WIGGINS identity and the kit that the WIGGINS team will wear in competition.

Taking design inspiration from road racers like Tom Simpson and Robert Millar, and also other British cultural icons Bobby Moore and The Who, both logo and jersey represent the style, heritage and dynamism of the British pioneer.






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  • Jon Cannings

    The best move since signing the Team Sky deal. well done.

  • James Barlow

    Awesome, think Scooter riders everywhere will be kitting themselves out in Rapha too now!

  • Antony

    Top stuff. Well done to Rapha and Wiggo. Makes me proud to be British.

    • HIGHLANDpeat

      All that Wiggo needs to do now is to go out and win something! Winning the TDF was historic and made him a great sportsman, but that was three years ago! To achieve legend status, you have to maintain your success. I hope to God that he wins the Paris-Roubaix and still has the legs for Rio, but I feel that all he is doing now is contributing to his pension fund. I just don’t see any fire in his belly to compete with the best anymore!

      • Christine

        Aren’t we are all contributing to our pension funds. I can’t think of any other cyclist who has gone on after winning the tdf and received title after title, unless your including the likes of Lance Armstrong, and we all know how he did it.

        • Clark

          Seriously? How about Merckx, Anquetil, Hinault, Indurain, Thys, Bobet, LeMond, Coppi, Stephen Roche, Battaglin, Pantani….

          • HIGHLANDpeat

            . . . exactly my point Clark, thank you. Also, there are a great deal more trophies to win within cycling than just the TDF.

          • Clark

            I am a Wiggo fan but his road career definitely feels unfinished with all his promise and just the single GT win. A Ronde, Flèche, Flanders or Paris-Roubaix win are a nice goodbye, but, for me, he needed to follow up the Tour with a Giro or Vuelta to deliver on his potential. Or go and win some of the classics a few years in a row to show he’s targeting a different type of race.

          • HIGHLANDpeat

            I agree 100%
            Huge mistake too Sky not fielding both Wiggins and Froome at last years TDF, they could have fed off each other and had an obvious replacement no 1 rider. A case of the tail wagging the dog I think.
            Creative name for his new team I thought too!

        • D Faught

          Wiggins used PEDs to win his TDF. Rapha shouldn’t have him as a “partner”!

      • JB50

        Highlandpeat, 2012 (when he won the TdeF) to present he has won Paris-Nice, Tour de Romandie, Criterium de Dauphine, Olympic Games Time Trial and the Tour of Britain He recently became the Time Trial World Champion! He also won the Tour of California last year! Is that not enough for you, is that not considered maintaining success?

        • Clark

          JB, no doubting 2012 was his year, with those ‘smaller’ races being the typical build up to a Giro or Tour win. But I think that’s the point. The man showed us how amazing he could be…then kind of fizzled out, by what appears to be choice, not ability. I follow the cycling calendar, as I expect you may too, so I’m not convinced ToB and ToC is adding too much ‘legend’ status to his palmares after notching up the big one.

          I’m gutted to lose him to the track/TT at only 34 and appearing to be in his prime.

          • JB50

            Clark, agree, forced out of Team Sky because of Froome’s ability is probably one good reason why he hasn’t won more. Otherwise he would probably still be the top rider there. Shame if he quits the road permanently, gutted too.

  • Dominic Wade

    I would no doubt be tempted to buy a cap and socks in this design.

    • Malaprop

      Yep, if you can qualify for a loan

  • Anna-Lisa Wilson

    Poncy nonsense. Such a shame that Rapha have priced themselves out of the market. I used to buy Rapha clothes all the time; now I can’t afford to.

    • Richard Thorington

      Go away and read your copy of the daily mail.

      • Anna-Lisa Wilson


      • Dansdick

        Got any other ’causes’ you defend as vehemently as you defend a clothing brand?

        • Anna-Lisa Wilson

          LOL! Have to say that one crossed my mind too…but I get told off if I voice my opinion too much ;) Thanks for making me chuckle.

    • Paul Shipley

      I agree Anna-Lisa, the ex-golfing mamils have swapped their Lyle & Scott sweaters for Rapha jerseys.

      • DanielJCrossley

        I get most of my Rapha stuff in the sale and it makes it cheaper than other premium cycling brands. Yes it is expensive but you get what you pay for and their customer service beats any other kit manufacturer by a mile.

        • Susan Jane Pentecost-Vance

          I agree with you I buy for my son in law and the service from Rapha is really good

        • Anna-Lisa Wilson

          True. The quality is excellent. But that’s the only way I can afford their products now: in the sale. A soft shell jacket for £140 was justifiable if you were going to wear it a lot, but the prices have risen so much, so quickly.

        • Richard Smith

          Noooooo Daniel… please don’t even suggest that the pony golfing fraternity are taking over the last bastion of working-class sports in swapping clubs for carbon frames! It all started when fashionistas started to pay silly money for Premier League season tickets… not cycling please! #campaigntokeepgolfersoutofcycling

    • Morpheus00

      Why did you bother clicking on the email link just to moan about the brand? It’s a free market: if you now consider Rapha gear ‘poncy nonsense’ just move on. You’re only upsetting yourself by coming back.

      • Anna-Lisa Wilson

        Why did you bother clicking on my comment just to rubbish my opinion? If you don’t agree with my comment, ignore it…move on.

        Not that I feel the need to justify my comment, in any way, but I like their products, I do; I just can’t see how they can justify increasing the price of a £140 jacket to £240 in such a short space of time. It seems to be that they’ve stopped catering for ‘cycling enthusiast who likes proper gear that performs well and looks good’, and switched to solely catering for ‘inner city London cyclist with cash to burn’.

        • Martin Dallaghan

          I have to say by and large they have been dropping the prices of quite a few of the lines they do. Long sleeved country Jerseys used to list at £140 and now they list at £120 (before the sale)

        • Morpheus00

          Subscribing to emails from a brand you consider poncy, then following a link to a new product only to bemoan the fact it’s too poncy for your taste is not in the same ballpark as replying to that post. IMHO and all.

          • Anna-Lisa Wilson

            I don’t consider the brand poncy; I consider the prices poncy.

          • Simon Weston

            Anna-Lisa Rule#5 really applies to you here. stop being an internet hater for the sake of it and just ride your bike please – and this is from a cyclist in HK, not an inner city London boy…

          • Anna-Lisa Wilson

            I’m not. I’m really not. It’s just a clothing brand. I think the design and quality are fantastic; just been commenting on their price increases & marketing. That is all. But you’re right, it shouldn’t matter what you wear to ride your bike.

          • Dansdick

            Internet hater? Are you drunk?

    • Graeme Stewart

      Have you actually looked at the price of pro-level kit from other leading cycle clothing brands? Castelli, Sportful, etc. Or what about the price of a pair of top quality running shoes? There are other brands out there to suit more modest budgets but if you want technically great kit that actually fits nicely then it does cost more.

      • Anna-Lisa Wilson

        You’re right, of course: proper gear costs money. Proper gear that looks swish, costs more. Proper gear that looks swish and increases from £140 to £240 for exactly the same product, in such a retail-relatively short time? Not really justifiable, in my humble opinion.

        • Choddo

          It sounds a bit like you’re basing your entire view on one product increasing in price? I haven’t seen price rises like that on anything I’ve been interested in.

    • Dan

      get a better job

      • Anna-Lisa Wilson

        I have not made a personal comment about you, or your circumstances. A personal affront is completely unwarranted, and inappropriate.

      • Dansdick

        When I grow up I want to be as cool as you, Dan.

        • Anna-Lisa Wilson


        • Dan

          big night last night?

          • Dansdick

            As much as I’d like to say it was massive, I fear it was only as big as the average man’s night

    • Christopher D Ashley

      get a raise. Sur le plaque…

      • Anna-Lisa Wilson

        Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t quite work like that; but thank you for the careers advice.

        • Kim

          Not sure why everyone is giving you such grief for expressing an opinion Anna-Lisa, whether people agree or disagree we are all entitled to one and the level of personal comments made against you is quite appalling.

          • Anna-Lisa Wilson

            Thankyou. I’ve actually been quite shocked. Can’t believe how a throw away comment about the price of some cycling gear has produced such a response!

          • Christopher D Ashley

            If you don’t find the value in Rapha – fair enough. Hit UNSUBSCRIBE. Bitching about how expensive something is is dull. You might as well subscribe to Rolex emails and bitch about how expensive and overpriced and pointless they are because your £12 Casio (rightfully) does exactly the same job, just as well.

          • Anna-Lisa Wilson

            I never said Rapha was pointless; I said it was a shame that they’d priced themselves out of the market. A better analogy would be for Casio to increase their watch prices so that their original customers can’t afford them as well as they used to. Plus, it could be argued that as well as being a statement of wealth, a Rolex might also be considered an investment. Don’t know how many people are buying cycling gear with the view to pass it onto their grandchildren. As for buying cycling gear as a statement of wealth?…well, that kind of supports my original comment.

          • Christopher D Ashley

            proceed themselves out the market? Are you kidding me? Their stuff hardly devalues even after worn if eBay is anything to go by…

          • Anna-Lisa Wilson

            No, not ‘proceed’, ‘priced’.

          • you making stupid comments like this are backing up everything what anna is trying to get across you, think its great and that only more well off people should be able to wear it! she is just stating the fact that its a big hike in price you tool, your showing the front that makes raphia look poncy for london inner city guys! i wear raphia i don’t mind the price i can afford it. but i wouldn’t dare talk like you, it shows what you are and a ponce is just what it sounds like to me.

      • Dansdick

        Movember ended ages ago.

        • Christopher D Ashley

          Ironic picture trumps ironic username any day.

          • Dansdick

            I’ll gracefully accept a half trumping, ‘Iconic’ would have been a full trumping. Dan is gonna be really bummed out either way.

  • Giles Cudmore

    A bit dull, no title sponsor?

    • Graeme Stewart

      Looks good BECAUSE there is no title sponsor I think!

      • It has “Sky” on the shoulders, are they not then the title sponsor? I think it’s a really good looking jersey, APART from those “Sky” logos which will be the main reason that I don’t buy one.

        • Anna-Lisa Wilson

          It’s also why I haven’t.

          • Pete

            I agree with Anna-Lisa, but unfortunately that’s normal. I used to order rapha online and felt very special, because I discovered it! Now we have a rapha store in Sydney and every rich middle aged man from the posh eastern suburbs is shopping there! Time to move on and find other cool brands.

          • Pete2

            Yeah, there’s some nice Australian brands out there… MAAP, Babici etc… Still love the Rapha look though

          • Anna-Lisa Wilson

            You’re absolutely right. It used to be a special thing. Still love Rapha quality (despite what others on here think) but it’s (unfortunately) becoming more like a status symbol.

  • Congratulations. Love the G’s…

  • speedyvespa

    Love it!

  • Paul James McDonnell

    Great design. Love the more minimalist look, without loads of sponsor logos (which will not last if they enjoy much success as a team). More importantly, really speaks to the man behind the team with the inspiration from Brit mod culture (not to mention the subtle use of gold – Sir Bradley’s favourite colour). I guess people will pay what it is worth. Rapha make good quality products, so usually worth paying a little more for.

  • HIGHLANDpeat

    Who cares that someone use to play golf and now they cycle, who cares if you buy Rapha clothing or DHB, and really – the Daily Mail? Such snobbery based around the most beautiful and basic machine. Are we all suppose to conform to one specific idea of a cyclist?
    Buy the gear you want, read the paper you want, but most of all ride your bike like IT’S the most important thing!

    • Grimpeur

      Agreed. At the end of the day cycling is supposed to be fun whether you’re riding an $800 bike or a $10,000 bike. There are plenty of awesome and expensive things in the world. If you want it, and can afford it, go for it! You’ve probably earned the right to do so! Well done! But if you can’t (or can, but realize it won’t make that much of a difference and are happy with current kit) it’s not something to loose sleep over. Even Eddy said, “Ride as much or as little as you want. Just ride your bike.”

      • HIGHLANDpeat

        Viva la Velominati!!!

        • Christopher D Ashley

          rule 5

          • HIGHLANDpeat

            yeah, rules #4 and 5 applicable here Chris.

  • robster

    Poncy nonsense!? Nah! Great stuff rapha now I’ve got a excuse to buy more of your fantastic kit.

  • Fergie Tomlinson

    I think it’s okay, I like Brad First Brit to win the Tour. Might not be able to afford it the now but I’ll defo stick the penny’s away.

  • JC Thompson

    Love The Keith Moon/Mod style. Wear with tight, white jeans and a smile.

  • Linwood

    wait a minute – I play a round quite often in my Rapha jerseys – particularly the original fabric – it is great stuff on the road or the links. It’s great stuff overall!

  • Tom

    It looks great!

  • Mark Hemingway

    I never quite understand people log on just to witter about Rapha’s prices, it’s the cheapest cycle clothing I’ve ever bought. Buy it, preferably when there’s an offer on, wear it for a season, sell it on eBay for a profit and repeat.
    Far better than looking like crap in tomorrow’s landfill.

    • Clark

      There’s a whole bunch of trolls on Asos having the same whine about their prices. Once they’ve stopped by Rapha for a price-bleat they are off to S-Works’ dedicated website to moan that their stumpjumper from the early 90s was far more economical and it’s only only a label – not a state of the art machine that differentiates an iron horse from 3K carbon.

      • Mark Hemingway

        You’re right Clark, there’s a lot of people out there who know the price of everything and the value of nothing

  • Matt Long

    I own good amount of rapha. Mix of newly bought and used off ebay. I’ve actually made some $ off items I bought new and got board of yrs later. It’s top quality stuff.

  • Chris Tack

    Lets not criticise those who have given up flog to partake in the noble art of the cyclist….if only as they make me feel better as there is someone I can pass on a climb!

  • Cliff Nichols

    Loving the partnership and the concept of a Wiggins team to bring on young talent for Olympic glory (and hopefully the hour record!). Anyway, I just wish the author would have referenced the origin of the ‘inspiration’ – that of being the RAF roundel. Dig a little deeper and the RAF motto of ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra/Through struggle to the Stars’ would have fit rather well with the Wiggins team ethos I would imagine. And for the record, I don’t think either the brand or the prices are ‘poncey’. I can;t afford to buy as much as I would like but don’t begrudge people who can. Your money, your choice.

  • Lee Sampson

    Ben Sherman and Target may have something to say about this logo!

    • Cliff Nichols

      …or the RAF which started it all perhaps?

  • Martin Silvester

    Christ alive not the daily mail!

  • Michael Grote

    The Rapha brand is NOT just about high quality bike-related clothing and accessories supported by the best service in its category. When one makes a Rapha purchase, they are also buying into passionate support of both the heritage of cycling and, especially with this new Wiggins connection, the future of cycling as well. The later costs money and that comes from product sales. For a smaller company, that is going to impact product costs more significantly than a Fortune 500 company’s products. In many ways, Rapha is building a following among cyclists in the manner that Apple has done with technology users. Because of the branding, people are willing to pay a bit more even if there were something else just as good. If you just want a high quality jersey, there are many manufacturers, some less expensive. However, they don’t have the same combination of quality, service, passion, support, and panache that you get with a Rapha purchase. It is an individual’s decision as to whether they want a jersey with a certain company’s “philosophy/mystique” (that does not directly effect the jersey’s on-the-bike performance) or whether only a jersey will be adequate. You can ride a bike in either.

    • Clark

      Oh Michael, stop it…

      Passion, Fortune, Apple, Panache and Mystique…I can’t work out whether you’ve bought a top of the range cycling jersey or are planning a boys night out at Spearmint Rhinos.

  • Roach

    Ralpha sells lifestyle like many other high end brands. They do it well.

  • adam

    I remember when the label inside read (Made in italy) now it reads made in China, i fear they are spending less on there fabric now and that would be sad as there old gear was fantastic quality.

    • Simon Weston

      Wow Adam…..Another uneducated comment about China manufacturing…40% of the worlds manufactured product comes from China Bro – just look around your house at the things you love and see where they are made. Perhaps we should start with your phone? where is that made?

      • Clark

        Simon, you missed the point there.

        Adam’s reference relates to the very strong message Rapha used to market about hand-picking its suppliers based on heritage and artisan workmanship – flying out to quality mills (e.g. in Italy) where cycle kit manufacturing has a long heritage – heritage and tradition being something Rapha (and Rouleur) has always related to.

        Looking around your house at commodity electronics isn’t really answering the question…if Rapha now ‘mass produces’ rather than ‘hand crafts’ its kit, is that for their margins, is it to reach a wider consumer base, is it at the cost of quality, have they turned their back on the previous decade’s philosophy? Or is it to bring us a wider range, newer technological advances, etc?

  • Carlo Capasso

    Would someone be so kind to post the link to the Daily Mail Story for those of us not in the UK
    Many thanks

  • Alson Mok

    will it offer the women cutting?

  • Retfordwilier

    Yes the stuff is pricey, and yes, sometimes the style isn’t as subtle. But with a free repair service, no quibble return service (even if you’ve worn the stuff) and staff in-store who ride bikes and know what they are talking about. There is no comparison on the internet or the high street. When they have a sale the clothing is a good deal considering what you get. If you don’t like it go somewhere else!

  • Retfordwilier

    by the way, when is the next sale?

  • Tifosi Nelson

    Cycling is about moving the wheels through time, with the machine and body. It is all about page one for me. The basics, the soul and the beauty. Today the talk is power meters, electronic groupo’s and yes the clothes.
    Out in the road you see it all, from the guys dress in black with one stripe and a black mat bike to go with it .
    To classic riders on real steel.
    I love the sport since a kid. I was also a racer from eleven to twenty six years of age.
    Today I ride from the heart and soul. I have many bikes, from a house bike found in the trash with basket to a modern carbon.
    When I see cycling today a lot of it is absurd, amazing, exciting and boring.
    But when I ride I still feel the child in me especially when let go of the handle bars and look up at the sky. Back to page one!!

  • Gareth Hall

    I personally can’t wait to see thin in the flesh. Looks like it’s based on the Pro-Team Jersey. No doubt it’s the usual superb Rapha quality that Has meant that I never do or will buy anywhere else, plus if there’s ever the slightest issue (on my part of theirs) then they cannot be more helpful. The service is worth 50% of the cost alone.

  • jordywan

    Jagbags! it rides so nice though, if your not to fat for it!

  • Violin9858

    Speaking from the US. Yes unfortunately the product has become more of a fashionable namesake in cycling. Having about $3000 in Rapha gear, I admit I was captured by commercial marketing. What has halted my desire to continue my Rapha collection is the $285 fee to join the Rapha Cycling Club. I figured they would at least include a pair of socks.
    However in today’s world, corporate structure is all about increasing revenue. In agreement with Anna-Lisa, Rapha is quickly pricing their products out of the consumer market they sought, when Rapha first became established.

  • Georg Bull Andersen

    I couldn’t care how much it costs, rapha makes the nicest kit both aesthetically and functionally. Its worth the arm and a leg that it costs to buy. but please don’t bring a rapha war to this page and appreciate the topic on hand. personally I’m not a fan of wiggins but I will admit, this jersey is daaaaaayum fine