Minneapolis Gentlemen


In the middle of the first half of our summer tour, a few days after the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race outside New York City in the foothills of the Catskills. Rapha co-hosted a Gentlemen’s Ride with Hurl Everstone, owner, operator and proprietor of CRC Coffee Bar/Cykle Garage in the city of Minneapolis.

At 10:00am on a beautiful Sunday morning, sixty-five and sunny, about twenty-three friends and customers met at Hurl’s shop for coffee, espresso and the day ahead. By 10:30, after fair bit of deliberation regarding the route, we hit the road.

We rode north through the city on the Greenway and through various neighborhoods on the way past Wayzata and into the rolling wide-open countryside. The ride was scenic and easy, a perfect easy tempo training ride, and if the weather and undulating pastoral landscape wasn’t pleasant enough, our group was. Diverse, maybe even random at first glance, we all quickly became friends – riding two-up, three-up or more at times and at a near-leisurely pace. Towards the end of our 60-mile day things turned ‘brisk’ in a spot or two as some started racing for county-line signs. A vast array of
conversations carried throughout the day, ranging from the classic; tubing preferences, spin vs. mash, full-zip vs. 3/4, favorite roads and favorites for the Tour, to the absurd; like whether or not we should come back in February to host a criterium on a frozen lake.

Back at the Garage, behind the shop in an actual garage, we ate celebratory pizza and drank recovery beers. Some of us also bought and drank ridiculously expensive Coke-floats from the café across the street. Nothing about the day was specifically ‘epic’, but just about everything, especially the weather and the crowd and maybe even an extended section or two of the ride, was perfect.

Thank you Hurl and everyone else who joined.

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