Davis and Connie – a film by Ben Ingham

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This film, produced by Rapha and Ben Ingham, is about two of America’s finest and most inspiring road racers, Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter-Phinney. For anyone who saw them race, Davis and Connie came to represent the best in American road racing, combining bold racing with uncompromising attitudes on and off the bike. Their careers saw them move from domination of domestic races to international and Olympic success.

Filmed at their home in Boulder, Colorado, Davis and Connie uses interviews with both riders, along with accounts from contemporaries such as Andy Hampsten, Douglas Emerson and Coors Classic race promoter, Michael Aisner. Through archive footage, it also documents their journey to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, and deals with Davis’s subsequent experiences of living with Parkinson’s disease.

Following Davis’s diagnosis, in 1999, these two celebrated riders went on, in 2004, to establish the Davis Phinney Foundation, an organisation that informs and supports families living with the disease, and which has raised millions of dollars for cutting-edge research into treatments. With the release of these two special edition jerseys honouring Davis and Connie, Rapha will contribute a percentage of the proceeds from the jerseys to the foundation’s ongoing work.

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  • Jason Cozens

    Such a wonderful film with an incredibly inspiring story. Davis Phinney gives us a gift with his perspective on life and the ability to be ‘in the moment’, not whilst meditating in a yoga studio but in the face of adversity: first in his races and recently whilst experiencing every day life and living with Parkinson’s. Thanks Ben Ingham for capturing this so perfectly.

  • charlesojones

    What an inspiring film. I had my very first road bike back in 1984. I rode it from my then home near Mission Viejo, California to watch the Olympic Road Races. Is saw the spectacle of an international race for the very first time. I’ve been riding my bike ever since. Thank you to Davis and Connie for their inspiration both then and now.

  • Max Erdenberger

    So freaking special. bravo rapha and Ben.

  • Amazing job guys!

  • Phenomenal job Rapha!! Very inspiring, especially for a younger generation or newer group of cyclist who don’t know the history of the sport pre the Lance era. Keep up the great work.

  • Prestachuck

    I grew up watching them both race.
    They are truly remarkable. Even more so today.

  • Los Falcon

    What a beautiful video. Thanks!

  • Dan

    Wonderful. What an uplifting documentary. Thank you.

  • Jennifer Young Molina

    I had the pleasure of meeting this awesome family. What a fantastic tribute!

  • Jess Duffy

    Moved me to tears. Congratulations Ben on making such a wonderful film. It should be said that if a £165 jersey is out of your reach, the Davis Phinney Foundation has a donate button on the website.

  • davewyman

    That was a moving and inspirational film. I didn’t see the road races in L.A. in ’84, although I did get to the Olympic velodrome in Carson for some cycling action. The film brought it all back, including my memory of the first bike race I watched, the Red Zinger, in Boulder, CO, probably in the late 1970s. Perhaps David Phinney was in the pack. He still is.

  • richard pearce

    What a beautiful piece of film making Ben. Truly inspirational. A huge thanks to you, simon and slate for making this happen and of course to Davis and Connie for sharing a window into their lives. Just brilliant, so honest and inspirational to everyone, not just us bike riders but everyone who is affected by Parkinsons and other degenerative disorders. Chapeau.