Piers North


What’s your name, nickname, age, birthplace, hometown?
Piers North | 33 | GREAT BRITAIN, London

Favorite phenomenon?
Marmite toast, how can it be just so gooooood, yet be disliked by soooo many?

How do you like to tell stories?
With as many pictures as possible, and the help of spell check.

Pivotal moments in life?
Meeting my wife at 20. Moving to London at 23. Meeting the Rapha Boys at 26. Moving to America at 29. Meeting my Daughter at 33.

Why/how did you start riding?
A great friend died and left me his bike, I started riding in ernest at the velodrome in Hurne Hill.

Family life, or home life; kids, wife, girlfriend, pets?
Keren, Delilah, Alabama.

What’s your special talent/gift to the world?
The ability to talk even when its really not necessary.

What’s the continental project mean to you?
The Continental project to me means pure adventure, EVERY place we go I have never ever been before.

Why are you interested in documenting rides?
Some of the places we go are so mind blowing that we need proof we where there at all, or no body at home would believe us otherwise.

What do you want a riding guidebook to feature (what’s missing from what currently exists out there), and how will you contribute to that end goal?
No guide book really dramatizes the emotions that epic rides evoke. My contribution will be allot of emotion.

What’s style mean to you?
Style makes up for many inadequacies in ourselves. Failure is so much more forgivable if you do it with grace and style.

Who’s your favorite local rider and why?
George Suter, he epitomizes the NYC Seasoned racer, he has raced at every level there is and is now the whiley cat 3 that steals moments in races when everyone is snoozing and then makes them hurt. George has a point of view about everything and everyone and is one of the most entertaining people to spend 6 hours on a training ride with.

Where in the world would you like to ride next and why or what group ride if you could do any would you do?
I would ride the Tour of Flanders again.

You need anyone reading this to know…?
I am very dyslexic and hate questionnaires.

Why cycling and not, running or shot put or speed skating?
Cycling is just so much faster than running.

Your favorite ride/moment ever, just the details?
/ The decent from Galibier, descending after that epic climb is incredible, the scenery is some of the best in the alps but best of all you get to ride over the chalk writing from the tour. Just keep your eyes on the road. 2/ the ride over Shawangunk outside New Paltz in late January last year was jaw-dropping, EVERYTHING was coated in 2ins of ice after a crazy ice storm the night before. It looked like a world made of glass. check the pic.

What’s your job all about, why does it fit you?
I am an advertising Creative at a shop called Mother, I have worked with them for 7 years. Its great I can wear my bike kit all day if I want.

What’s your program, like who and what and where is your world?
As I write this my world is firmly in the world of little babies. My daughter was born 5 weeks ago, she has rocked my world, an earthquake happened and all my priorities have been shuffled. Riding my bike has become even more important to the core of my consciousness and wellbeing, the time I spend on my bike is so precious that waisting it isn’t even an option.

Where you live and why it suits you?
I live in downtown Manhattan with my girls. It doesn’t suit me, I suit it.

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