Joe Staples


What’s your name, nickname, age, birthplace, hometown?
Joe Staples. 35-years-old. Born London. Living in Portland, Via Sydney and Amsterdam.

Favorite phenomenon?
I was in a Taxi going up 8th Ave in NY when I spotted a Staples office supply store. Nothing strange about that, until I noticed that the store next door was called “Mr.Joe”. The signs lined up perfectly. Proof here,

How do you like to tell stories?
My Dad’s side of the family were Romany [Gypsy]. The way he and my Nan told us stories as kids had a profound effect on me. It wasn’t written or read, but spoken. This meant that they felt like they were coming directly from them. They were like personal gifts. Even when I write, I try to do it as I would speak, from me to you.

Pivotal moments in life?
Having a panic attack is a pretty crap. Actually it’s really, really, really crap. But the liberating part is that once the scariest things that is every going to happen to you, has happened to you, you’re pretty much golden.

Why/how did you start riding?
I think I learnt to ride a bike because I would be able to move faster and further than I could run. The next block, across the park, over the hill. That’s what freedom was to a 4-year-old. It isn’t much different now.

Family life, or home life; kids, wife, girlfriend, pets?
I am married to Jessica, we have a mutt called Archie.

What’s your special talent/gift to the world?
It’s not cooking, or driving. It’s one of those other things. I hope.

What’s the continental project mean to you?
It’s about being open to things. New routes, new people, new experiences. Being self reliant and optimistic. It’s about celebrating the things that drew us to cycling in the first place. It’s pretty close to the original intent of cycling.

Why are you interested in documenting rides?
I’m interested in sharing.

_*What do you want a riding guidebook to feature (what’s missing from what
All rides need Green Jersey points and KOM markers. And they should all be printed on food, to cut down on things to carry.

What’s style mean to you?
[Atmo] Style is the centre of the onion. When you are too tired to care, style is what’s left. That’s why you shouldn’t judge it at the beginning of a ride, and also why you’ll see a lot of it near the end of Roubaix.

Where in the world would you like to ride next and why or what group ride if you?
Somewhere I’ve never ridden before. Surprise me.

You need anyone reading this to know…?
I’m easily exited. If we are riding and I sprint off the front, I’m [probably] not attacking. It’s more likely that I just got really excited and had to get rid of the energy. Wait for me, I’ll drop back [probably].

Why cycling and not, running or shot put or speed skating?
I truly love riding and racing my bikes, but this doesn’t mean I don’t I’m not open to other things. I’d love to try shot-putting and speed skating.

Your favorite ride/moment ever, just the details?
I rode across the Nullarbor plain in Australia. After 3 days of thinking “wow, look at that” “what’s that” and “ I wonder if that, is connected to that” my thoughts started to calm down. I went from a city/work pace to a far calmer state. The next 1500km were a strange joyful yet calm, athletic meditation.

What’s your job all about, why does it fit you?
I’m a Creative Director/Copywriter/Teacher at Wieden+Kennedy and WK12.

Where you live and why it suits you?
The world doesn’t need another Portlander spouting on about how great it is. So I’ll stop here.

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