Jeremy Dunn


What’s your name, nickname, age, birthplace, hometown?
Jeremy Dunn | Dunner? Pete Rubi also calls me Jogg the Baptist. Which is definitely strange, but whatever. | Born – Middleofnowhere, Wisconsin | Portland, OR

Favorite phenomenon?
Winter in Wisconsin. I googled “What is my favorite phenomenon” and something about winter in Minnesota came up. Well, I am from Wisconsin which is pretty damn close to MN and I thought back to how the snot would freeze in your nose as soon as you’d leave your house. That has to be a phenomenon. It is so cold there. Stigmata is nice too.

How do you like to tell stories?
Anyway really, written, print, drunken at a bar, holding hands around a campfire, sitting in the back of a fifteen passenger van, shouted from the mountaintops…anyway.

Pivotal moments in life?
I think that these are the moments where you feel like you want to just sit down and cry. But you know that really you need to keep moving forward. I have definitely had a few of these moments.

Why/how did you start riding?
I started riding mountain bikes in high school with a duo aptly named the Fierce Austin Brothers. They convinced me that I needed to get a Stumpjumper mountain bike and start crashing through the woods with them. Toe clips and cut off shorts and all. One time we even went out in the middle of the winter. The snow was about shin deep and it never hurt when you fell over. It was amazing. Everything was white.

Family life, or home life; kids, wife, girlfriend, pets?
My first pet was an Orange kitten named Leonardo. I recently dog-sat for a dog named Mookie. He was cool, a little more watchful than most, but still pretty nice. My home life involves a few other people, I think I have met all of them, but you never know in these hippy living scenarios (joke.)

What’s your special talent/gift to the world?
To, no matter how hard I try, never really take anything too seriously. See above.

What’s the continental project mean to you?
It has come to mean a whole slew of things over the past couple years. However, the one word, however cheesy it is, that keeps coming up is Brotherhood. Each and every one of these guys I could, and do call my friends. To be able to bring together such a great cast of like-minded individuals has been a pretty exciting experience. To be able to do all that with some of the most beautiful bicycles and cycling clothing in the world, well that is also pretty awesome.

Why are you interested in documenting rides?
The truth of the matter is that I like documenting everything.

What do you want a riding guidebook to feature (what’s missing from what currently exists out there), and how will you contribute to that end goal?
Great Photos are missing from current guidebooks, they have too many maps in them. How am I supposed to follow all those directions?

What’s style mean to you?
Style means assessing your environment and coming away with a certain way you fit into that surrounding. Then applying that outcome to whatever you do. Having an outlook on life helps as well. It is interesting because then your “style” can be applicable to whatever you do. Whether it be riding your bicycle or painting pictures, as long as you can figure out what your relationship to those things are then you should come out on top as far as style is concerned. Obviously if you take a look around you this isn’t always the case but we can hope and dream right?

Who’s your favorite local rider and why?
It is hard to say… Molly Cameron, Jeff Curtes, Steven Hunter, Ira Ryan, Ryan Thomson, Slate Olson, Carey SH, Chris Distefano? I have ridden with all of these people and they are all my favorites. That being said it has been fun to watch Molly Cameron win some races this year, she works so damn hard at perfecting her craft – which just happens to be racing bicycles…

Where in the world would you like to ride next and why or what group ride if you could do any would you do?
Japan. Our Rapha counterpart there is putting together what looks to be the Japanese version of the Rapha Continental and I would love to go ride with those guys. To see what it is like to ride there and what their approach to riding in their country and how it compares to riding over here.

You need anyone reading this to know…?
The alphabet. Seriously, it is going to make reading this so much easier.

Why cycling and not, running or shot put or speed skating?
Well, it was running for a long time. Never shot put though. Do not have the upper body for that one. And whenever I see ice skates I get this intense fear of having my fingers cut off by one of the blades. However the singularity of running was part of the appeal. That translates pretty well into the cycling world.

Your favorite ride/moment ever, just the details?
Hills, Climbs, Heat, Hugs.

What’s your job all about, why does it fit you?
My job consists of emailing people and writing all day long. Every day. Yeah, I would say that fits me just fine. I like to create things from nothing and my job lets me do that.

What’s your program, like who and what and where is your world?
My program is this: I work all day, then I work most of the night before crashing into bed. Then I STRUGGLE with waking up in the morning. No joke I absolutely wrestle with it every morning. Then I do it all over again. I like to think that I ride a lot as well. Sometimes this is true, sometimes it is not true. I also like the competitive nature of Cyclocross.

Where you live and why it suits you?
Currently I’m living in Portland, OR. Why it suits me? Well, come stay with me for a few days and I’ll show you. The number of amazing rides in the proximity is almost overwhelming. To be able to step out the front door and be in the West Hills before your watch has made half a revolution is so much fun.

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