Ben Lieberson


What’s your name, nickname, age, birthplace, hometown?
Ben | 40 | London England

Favorite phenomenon?
Sunrise in the mountains. Snow covered peaks twisting up into the horizon.

How do you like to tell stories?
Riding on the bike with good friends.

Pivotal moments in life?
That’s a good question,so many good times doing different things. Music, girls, growing up in London was a great experience. Moving to America was a big step.

Why/how did you start riding?
Started riding as a kid, got a Saturday job working at Covent Garden Cycles a long time ago.. remember my first “racer” five gears Reynollds 531 tubing, the bizness!
My Dad was a cyclist and we used to do London to Brighton, that certainly seemed epic to me as a 10 year old.

Family life, or home life; kids, wife, girlfriend, pets?
Friend’s, dog’s, home.. its all good.

What’s your special talent/gift to the world?
I give it what i got.

What’s the continental project mean to you?
Riding the bike in places that are special to each of us. We all have our special rides/ routes that we can share and enjoy. I feel that is a big part of the experience.

Why are you interested in documenting rides?
See above.

What do you want a riding guidebook to feature (what’s missing from what currently exists out there), and how will you contribute to that end goal?
The kind of special rides we have been on. Ashland was amazing. W. Virginia was a big surprise. We have to make these seem reachable to anyone.

What’s style mean to you?
A lot, but perhaps not as much as content.

Who’s your favorite local rider and why?
My friends that I go riding with in the mountains.

Where in the world would you like to ride next and why or what group ride if you could do any would you do?
Dolomites! They are awesome. Any and every group ride that i can find.. it’s fun and challenging to show up and mix it up .

You need anyone reading this to know…?
I LOVE this. I couldn’t ask to be doing anything better than riding these amazing routes with the Conti crew!

Why cycling and not, running or shot put or speed skating?
Because cycling rules. It’s something you do as opposed to something you think about doing.

Your favorite ride/moment ever, just the details?
X rated. .. lots of different places, climbing in the Alps. The Col du Galibier, Col D’Izoard, Alpe d’Huez, Mont Ventoux. The epic monuments you see on the Tour and there you are scaling these giants, giving it what you got. I had to check I wasn’t dreaming.

Riding with my mates in the Angeles crest climbing up to Camp 9, Mt Baldi or HWY 39.

HorseShoe Meadow’s in the eastern Sierra Mountain range.

Doing incredible loops with friends training hard,putting in work.

I enjoy every day to the fullest and enjoy them all,even the hard ones. Blessings.

What’s your job all about, why does it fit you?
I am a chef.

What’s your program, like who and what and where is your world?
Altaden California…the ‘Dena is great.

Where you live and why it suits you?
Its a cool place. Right at the foothills of the Angeles Crest in the San Gabriel mountain range. Living in California is a fantastic thing, being able to ride in the local Mountains or rolling over to the P.C.H. and climbing back over the Santa Monica Mountains. We have the Rose Bowl ride all summer every Tuesday and Thursday that is a blast. The Simi valley ride to train in winter time. Having the option to head north to ride somewhere as incredibly tough as the Sierra Nevada’s. Its all good.

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