USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2012

Photographs by Jake Stangel

There were fireworks in Durango, Colorado last night. The forest fires and subsequent ban on fire and fireworks earlier this summer prevented the town from enjoying their 4th of July in this most traditional manner. However, there was enough cause for celebration this evening as the USA Pro Cycling Challenge gets ready to head out of this beautiful city early tomorrow.

When they start at 10am from the centre of Durango the racers will face a week’s worth of some of the best (and hardest) racing that the USA has to offer. In an effort to help celebrate this race, region and the awesome expanse of nature, we pulled together a small newspaper celebrating our connection to Colorado. There is a recollection of our riding from the Rapha Continental, some fantastic photography from our adventures shot by Jake Stangel, a nod to our Cyclocross compatriot Chris Jones and a brief look at Boulder, the hub of cycling in CO. Plus, there is a special centrepiece that will be just the thing at the KOM segments of the race.

If you are wondering where to get one of these papers, look no further than the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club or hit us up on twitter at @Rapha_N_America to find out where we will be stationed each day. See below for detailed schedule and good luck to everyone racing, watching from home or supporting from the side of the road in Colorado.

Where to get one?

They will be available at the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club starting tomorrow morning. Stop by and say hello, have a shot of La Colombe coffee and pick up your copy of this newsprint.

Tentative Schedule of the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club:

August 20th – 10am – Start of Stage One – Durango. CO
August 21st – Approx 3:50pm – Uphill Finish – Crested Butte, CO
August 22nd – Approx 2:30pm – Summit – KOM Independence Pass – Aspen, CO
August 23rd – Approx 1:45pm – As riders pass through Leadville, CO
August 24th – NOT ATTENDING
August 25th – 12 Noon race enters town – Party at University Bicycles, Boulder, CO
August 26th – 1pm – TT in Downtown Denver, Colorado