Team Rapha-FOCUS On the Road

Pack the bikes, pack the kit, make the flight. Travel from one venue to the next. Unpack the bikes, unpack the kit. Dirty them both to what looks like beyond repair. Clean it all then pack it all away again. Travel to the next venue. Do it all over again. The only differences being the courses and whatever the weather decides to throw at you. Possibly a change in the local flavor, a different selection of beers and whatever snacks are offered up alongside the course. This past weekend at US Gran Prix of Cyclocross I am guessing that it must have been Spotted Cow and bags of cheese curds.

The Cyclocross racing goes in quick succession after Cross Vegas. The heat as well as the speed possibly get turned down on the weekend after. Although looking at the results, not by much. One thinks that it must be hard to travel around the country competing at such a high level. But, then again, this is what these men and women signed up for.

Keep an eye on the Rapha-FOCUS website as the season progresses. Currently there is a Cycling Dirt video interview with Chris Jones during the number presentation at the USGP Planet Bike.