Rapha Condor Sharp to Ride Quabbin Race

The Rapha Condor Sharp team is at it again, with no hope for getting out of the United States anytime soon they have shifted their focus from “When do we leave?” to “What do we do now that we are stuck here?” The best answer to that question came up in the form of the Quabbin Road Race in Ware, MA. This 120 Mile race around the man-made reservoir there is one of the toughest in the area. However, there is only one small problem.

The current field size of the Quabbin Race is too small. To ensure that they run the entire 120 miles the field limit of 60 must be met. And this is where you, fellow cyclists, come in. Help Rapha Condor Sharp make the most of their trip to the States by coming to race with them this weekend. Maybe this is your chance to show these handsome gentlemen just how we race in the states? At the finish line on Sunday’s Battenkill Race there were a few sentiments that suggested the race was much harder than even they expected. Hopefully, Quabbin will live up to this as well.

When researching the Battenkill race, current Cyclocross National Champion and UnitedHealthCare Pro Cycling Team Captain, Tim Johnson, said that this very race was one of his favorites in the New England area. He knows how tough it is. Well, that is good enough for us, and the full race, at 120 miles, should be more than enough to keep the guys fit for their return to the UK, whenever that may be…

This is all banking on the fact that they cannot get home in the next day or so. So, come out and help them get some high quality racing in. Rapha Condor Sharp needs your help.