Night of the Living Dude

Whilst being sponsored by two lead supporters (and the creators) of the Nocturne Series, a win at these events has eluded the Rapha Condor Sharp boys since its 2007 inception. This weekend changed all of that, with a phenomenal win by Kristian House in Edinburgh. He held his lead for almost a dozen laps and crossed the finish line with a 36 second advantage. A just reward for ‘The Dude’ who has been laying the hammer down all season.

The Edinburgh Nocturne, in its second year, was once again a stellar event, jam packed with racing, exhibitors and passing stag do’s. The Rapha H Van Mk.1 even made the 800 mile trip from London and back, unscathed.

The last race of the Nocturne Series is Blackpool, August 21st, where we are hoping to see our team take home another win.