Just Another Sunday at Roubaix

photos from 2009 Paris-Roubaix

Paris-Roubaix will be on us in a couple of days now. And while the racing will be the focus of the day, the circus that inevitably follows this race only heightens the allure that this Monument holds. From the beer addled fans to the staunch supporters there are sure to be a number of interesting sights from the crowd.

Seeing the big coverage from a place like Sporza or Cyclingnews is interesting from a race standpoint, but in all honesty there are some really great insider looks at how these races unfold. Even a game from Cyclocosm should make for an interesting way to follow along. Currently printing out a version to take to the pub.

Cycling Inquisition is at the race and his follow up should be spot on and hilarious I am sure. While another that has some great race day photography is one called Velopresse, keep an eye on that one. Sometime Rouleur photographer who’s site is a visual treat of the Classics is that of Marthein Smit, great photos of people lining the courses this year. Expect some exciting and entertaining photos from Marthein.