ATOC Stage 1 Report- Lake Tahoe, California

There was no Stage 1.

The organizers of the Amgen Tour of California must be very tired of contingencies. Less than two weeks ago when another late spring mud slide onto PCH-1 forced Stage 5 from the picturesque coastal road, the race directors surely had to feel they were done with the forces of nature.

For the first time in the six year history of the ATOC the race went into the high Sierra Mountains. And, for the first time in the six year history of the ATOC, the race was cancelled due to weather. Snow, enough snow where it felt more like January than May, more ski than bike. Any weather or cycling news site has already reported, so I won’t belabor it, but even as the forecast for possible snow showers strengthened last week I did not believe it. It was just a month ago when the Rapha Continental rode Stages 1 & 2 where snow was stacked alongside roads that were 100% trending towards summer. But, when we awoke to three-plus inches of snow this morning it was anything but racing weather.

A real shame as now the riders lose out on seeing both the Pacific and the beauty of Lake Tahoe. And a loss for the fans that should have been at Northstar today to see one of our heroes take the first stage of America’s grandest tour.