What’s New BQ?

Rapha has the fortune of partnering with a handful of the better cycling retailers around the world. Housed in a newly built, state-the-art office in Little Rock, Arkansas, Competitive Cyclist continues to be at the forefront as on online cycling retailer. Beyond their innovative saddle demo program, they are some of the first that we’ve known to really use video reviews well to bring products to life online.

In an area called the Service Course, Competitive’s fearless leader, Brendan Quirk is the honest and sometimes provoking voice behind the “What’s New” weekly report of trends, happenings, and insider cycling information that makes our sport and this business so entertaining. Chances are Mr. Quirk’s keyboard will bring more openness or opinion to any number of topics than some people are wanting to face, but that is why ‘What’s New” is so great. Blame it on his New York upbringing, or his front of the field mentality, but Brendan can be counted on each week for some of the more gratifying reports in the business.

If by chance you’re blessed with ample time, you can also find musings from the Belgian-tested Joe Parkin and follow Michael Barry all season long via Competitive’s Service Course.

I found this little gem of inspiration a couple of weeks back. Grab a snack and enjoy.