The Rapha Forecast

Alfred Wainwright, the man who coined the adage about there not being such a thing as crap weather and only bad equipment, was obviously more impervious to the rain and grey skies of England than his wax jacket. Summer 2012 in the UK has been emphatically grim so far, especially if you have been riding in sunnier places this year. The feeling of being short changed by the weather gods continues to reign on high (or low if you have any interest in the Jet Stream). C’est la vie. Never-mind. Whatever the weather, Rapha have the gear for you. Here’s a quick guide to the clothing you need to ride through any winter, summer or apocalyptic precipitation.

ADELAIDE – Mid Winter
Chris Stack

Temperatures drop from 40 degrees during the Tour Down Under to 0 degrees during winter. There is always heavy fog during early mornings in the Adelaide hills then clearing to crisp sunny days.

Here is the perfect remedy:

Winter Collar
Winter Gloves
Leg Warmers
Pro Team Jacket

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PORTLAND – Sunny and Sweet
Chris DiStefano

Perhaps the Independence Day fireworks trigger some Pacific Northwest upper atmospheric change because it’s not until the Fourth of July weekend that summer arrives in Portland, Oregon. The change is immediate and somewhat abrupt as the temperature now broadly ranges from the low-50s to the high 80s over the course of just a few hours. Precipitation tends to take its summer vacation around this time although the experienced rider maintains a fendered road bike on call year-round. The reward of summer sun and all that spring rainwater is berries, berries everywhere. No adventurous summer ride is complete without a roadside berry-picking break.

Country Jersey – Merino-blend fabric. Full zip. An effortless feel. Always chosen for the important rides of summer.
Pro Team Socks – A new favorite. Tall socks have ruled the Portland roads (and cyclocross courses) for a number of years now. Guaranteed compliments at the coffee shop.

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LONDON – Eternal Grey
Joe Hall

In the UK it can be bibs and jersey weather one minute, then another tick of the clock and a crack of thunder and you are pulling on rain jackets and knee warmers. At least we have the correct attire to keep us riding, even if the grey clouds overhead try and dissuade us.

Rain Jacket – The jacket for when a ride in the rain is unavoidable. If you live in the UK or anywhere above the jet stream, you need one of these.
Oversocks – If the rain keeps coming at least your feet can stay dry and warm without overheating. Plus you can pretend you are Belgian…
Merino Kneewarmers – Although it raises feelings of melancholy that in July it’s not really bib short weather, at least it gives you the excuse to pull on these beautifully comfy knee warmers. Another UK essential for a range of conditions.

_*Also choose:* Merino Arm Warmers, Club Jersey, Merino Base Layer, Classic Bib Shorts, Etape Act I 2012 Cap_

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