The Merino Base Layer

Depending on which end of the Planet you reside, presently you will be gearing up for either winter or summer conditions. Excitement or despair… Whatever the weather, most riders will know the value of wearing a base layer. The Rapha Merino Base Layer helps to regulate body temperature and transfer moisture away from the skin on both scorching hot and freezing cold days. It is one of the most essential pieces of kit we produce, an unsung hero of the range, the unflinching domestique of the Rapha emporium. We thought it was time to celebrate merino and all the glorious comfort it provides.

Many cycling base layers are still made of sub-standard synthetic fabrics, they neither insulate nor wick as efficiently as the fine wool fibres of merino. Synthetic base layers also stink to high heaven. Merino (from a breed of sheep with the softest and finest wool) wicks your body’s moisture vapour extremely quickly and is naturally anti bacterial and thus resistant to odours. Merino is also beautifully comfortable to wear. It is, quite simply, the perfect all-natural material for baselayers, whether cycling, running or going to watch the game (see below).

‘Base layers are incredibly important in winter to help regulate the body’s temperature, but they also keep the body dry without it getting too hot. Rapha’s base layer does this superbly, something that the mention of wool might normally have you doubting.
– Cycling Weekly

‘I love these things… and if it’s a little cold, you can find me wearing it even as casual kit! I even wore one last night to the Man United game.. haha.
– Kristian House – British National Road Race Champion 2009