The Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket, an update to the popular Fixed Jacket comes with a few special features. Re-enforced Cordura shoulders (prevent wear from bags) and a low cut collar to make your casual ride all the more pleasant. While the “articulated shoulders” let the jacket sit comfortably and not ride up in the back while cycling.

What this piece does best though is make the crossover from cycling specific clothing to stylish outerwear completely natural. The tiny hole inside the chest pocket allows for seamless iPod use, and one of the best features is a short lanyard that is fastened to the inside of a sweetly discreet zipper pocket on the jacket’s right arm. The lanyard could hold any key you wish, the one to your u-lock or one to the back gate so you can sneak in unawares from a night at the bar.

I asked Ryan Thomson, better known as Evil Ryan – Rapha Continental Rider, urban citizen of the Northwest – what he thought of the jacket. My thinking here was that Ryan would have some insight into the Jacket’s secrets. Maybe the windproof qualities on the mean streets of Portland, or the appeal in using the Jacket to attract beautiful women to his side? However, his response was somewhat fitting in the short words of a man on the go.

“I’m wearing it right now.”

Which is good enough for me.