Team Issue Rain Jacket

Photos by Dan Sharp

The rest of the United States can look away. This does not pertain to you. Enjoy your sunny summer riding.

Sometimes people say that they do not want to visit here because it “rains all the time in Portland.” Usually, they mean it with a bit of hyperbole. At least that is what we like to think. The truth of the matter is that Portland barely factors in to anything when it comes to average rainfall in the United States. This report by Live Science claims that it is not, and does not, factor into even the top 10 for average rainfall. You could have fooled me. In the past few weeks there has only been one day when the first thing that I reached for on the way out the door was something other than my Rain Jacket.

The day before the Tour of the Battenkill photographer Dan Sharp followed the team as they shook the travel out of their legs. Rain or shine if Director Herety says ride, they ride. On this particular day they spun their legs looking for some of the dirt sections that they would face the following day at Battenkill. The weather was less than ideal but Mr. Sharp’s resulting images were well worth braving the weather and their continued results as the season progresses is a sure sign that they are doing something right.

The Team Issue Rain Jacket