Classic Softshell Madness

The Cross Bundle is out. Just in time too. On our weekly ride Friday morning I looked over at my friend Jeff. He looked comfy in his new Cross 3/4 Bib Shorts. My bare legs were hating me for making a bet. A bet that will see me without any sort of leg protection (except for Mad Alchemy Embrocation that is.) for as long as I can go. Hopefully our good pal Mr. Selman is faring worse in Boston. (Although in all honesty it really was not that bad Friday.)

Check out what other people are saying about the Cross line. And by other people I mean the largest Cycling publication in the world, Bicycling Magazine. The author mentions the H.U.P United team in his write up. The national appeal of this team amazes me, as they have members in many different states including Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia and even Michigan. And from the looks of it they even had one member in the top 30 at a USGP event this past weekend in Kentucky. Did I mention that our fearless leader here in the US, a one Mr. Slate Olson is a member of this nefarious clan?

“Hup-Hup” as they say.

Also, in this piece on Bike Radar you can see what Slate had to say about the new Rain Jacket. And speaking of Jackets, Slate sure does have good taste in jackets, especially when it comes to choosing the proper teams to represent them. I do admit that I helped out in designing these two Classic Softshell Beauties. But I do think he made a great selection there.

The Red Classic Softshell was put together for Sacha White and his Speedvagen Racing Team. They have long since been a staple of the Northwest Racing scene contributing to the development of not only a few good racers but also an elevation of style and class to the sport.

The same could be said for the team that Slate chose to represent in the black Classic Softshell, the Embrocation Cycling Journal Racing Team. However their focus tends to lean toward East Coast circuits with an emphasis on the New England and Mid Atlantic Race series. I guess this can ensure that Slate has both coasts covered.