The Best of the Best

Selection A

One more time we would like to call upon your help in regards to the Rapha-FOCUS team. Over the course of this past season we asked for your help in getting us photos of our boys as they traversed the continent racing some of the best Cyclocross races that the United States has to offer. We were blown away by the support that we received in this venture and I would like to personally Thank You for all your help. However, there is still one bit of business that needs to wrap up before we can finally say that the US Cross season is over (but is it really ever over?) Which, in your opinion was the best of the best? You know the drill, vote in the comments section. Click through to see the rest of the winners and remember to place your vote in the comments section.

It should be noted that the season is far from over for these two. Chris will turn his focus (and his new Boardman Bike to the road and his campaign with the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team. He will take to the road with the Tour of Langkawi at the end of the month.

Chris Jones Rider Diary on Velonews

Zach McDonald is still in Cross racing mode and will head back to Belgium in a few short weeks to compete with the best of the U23 categories in the World Championship Cyclocross race in Sankt Wendel, Germany. Stay tuned for updates here and on the Rapha-FOCUS website.

Zach McDonald Rider Diary on Cyclingnews

Here are the photos, including the one above, that were all the winners over the course of the season. Take a look through and make your selection below. Try to keep in mind not only your typical photography inclinations when perusing the photos below (composition, lighting, effects) but also your Cyclocross inclinations, whether they be mud and wet weather or strictly focused on the stylings that make ‘Cros the unique sport that delights us all. The winning photographer will be announced at the end of next week at which point we will send them the Rapha Umbrella to keep their cameras dry next year as they capture their respective Cyclocross scenes.

Selection B

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