cityscopes winners


It took a while but the votes have finally been counted and we can now reveal the winner of the Rapha Cityscopes competition. Suffice to say it was tough to overlook so many of the superb entries but the people have clicked, carried, uploaded and voted. So here they are.


In fourth spot, an image that speaks of the divine truth of city riding. Even if you are just cruising to the shops, it’s always a race. This was taken during the Tour of California by the looks of things so these men aren’t commuting to the office.


Chicago, my kind of town. It’s where pizza-pies and Al Capone come from. Taken along the shore of Lake Michigan, this is a good example of what we were after.


A very popular choice and about as good as it gets in terms of the view from the bike in the city. Looks like the Big Apple to me, but then you can do anything with Photoshop these days…


This picture tells more than a thousand words. It not only encapsulates the pure and essential joy of riding a bike, it also makes a mockery of all those single-speed-riding hipsters!


1st Place: City Wind Jacket and Tote Bag
2nd Place: City Riding Cap and Socks
3rd Place: Great Road Climbs of the Northern Alps
4TH Place: Rouleur Photo Annual 2011

And if you want to see more of the fantastic entries, click the link: instagrid

If you are a winner please email to let us know.