Bicycling Magazine

The new issue of Bicycling Magazine showed up the other day. Not only is our pal Ira Ryan’s bike on the cover (check out his new website) but the issue is chock full of Rapha as well. The top of the magazine also includes a proclamation that claims the magazine also has a “Custom Bike Buyer’s Guide” to which Ira’s bike is the feature story.

Move to the center of the magazine you will find the inclusion of our advertisement. The pages chronicle the Rapha ride from Norway (Rapha Rides Norddal which, coincidentally Ira Ryan was a big part of.The second is a studio style shoot that Bicycling themselves put together.

It is pretty amazing to see the photographic works of Ben Ingham in print. He has been the genius behind the majority of the Rapha printed works since the inception of the brand five years ago. These photos from Norway are no exception. I have been staring at the them for the past few weeks on these here web pages, but seeing them in print is always a bit more satisfying.

In the second photo spread I instantly noticed two t-shirts that being worn by the models. The first was one that Cassette Design produces with the derailleur on the left shoulder and the second is the NYC Velo t-shirt featuring their espresso machine. Love those guys.

I have to ask, what is up with the guy in the Espresso shirt holding the small bike? Maybe he’s just holding it until his short friend gets there?

One of the models is wearing the Rapha Trousers while another has on the Bomber Jacket (later in the piece.) Both of these pieces look great alongside the selection of casual wear that is being presented here. It is great to see a publication like Bicycling branch out and try their hand at fashion.

Then as you move seamlessly from one article to the next you will notice our good pal Ira Ryan’s (is this guy not everywhere at the moment?) road bike as reviewed by Bill Strickland. To say that the review itself is “glowing” might be a bit of an understatement. The first line of the piece reads “Ira is gone, out riding, which is one of the great things about Ira.” And since I have ridden with him for more than a few hundred miles, I concur, it is one of the great things about him. Read this article.

Then check out the Freeman Transport packable track bike on the page afterwards. All kinds of good stuff going on in this issue.

The one thing that I forgot to mention is that the Norddal ad contains a Free Shipping code on the last page. Just a little something to make your holiday shopping a bit sweeter. So, go pick up the new issue of Bicycling…


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