Team Sky’s Jaguar XF Sportbrake Unpacked

Whether racing on the cobblestones of Northern Europe or the high mountain passes of the Alps and Pyrenees, Team Sky’s riders need the best support.

The team’s Jaguar XF Sportbrakes need to be prepared for any eventuality, and simultaneously act as wardrobe, mechanics workshop, bike store, restaurant, hospital and race HQ.

This video details the contents of one of the two support cars that Team Sky will use on three-week ‘Grand Tour’ cycling races like the Tour de France.

  • 1 x Jaguar XF Sportbrake with bespoke bike roof-rack (9 bicycle capacity)
  • 9 x Pinarello Dogma 65.1 racing bikes
  • 1 x Park Tool mechanic’s toolkit
  • 1 x Team Sky mechanic’s apron
  • 70 x CNP nutrition bars, gels, and flapjacks
  • 9 x Rapha musette bags
  • 10 x CNP Peptide high protein mix drinks
  • 5 x Spare Shimano carbon wheels. C24, C35 or C50 depending on the stage type
  • 4 x Team Sky pens
  • 1 x iPad for Navigation and online race tracking
  • 1 x Race notes notebook
  • 3 x Stages Power Meter head units
  • 9 x Rapha Pro Team jerseys, gilets, rain capes, thermal jerseys and base layers
  • 9 x Rapha Pro Team bib shorts (various lengths), leg and arm warmers
  • 9 x Racing shoes — various brands
  • 9 x Rapha Pro Team caps, mitts, and overshoes
  • 9 x Rapha Pro Team cold / wet weather caps, mitts, overshoes
  • 9 x Rapha Pro Team wet bags
  • 1 x Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Groupset (with silver flight-case) including front and rear cassette, brake hoods, brake levers, spare cogs, spare chain, cleats, additional fi’zi:k saddle and Pinarello seat post
  • 1 x KASK Mojito racing helmet
  • 70 x Elite bidons — for carrying water / hydration mixtures (number of bidons varies)

Don’t forget, we’ve got to fit at least three staff in there as well!