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Rapha London Cafe

The Clubhouse Cafe is the perfect place to revel in an assortment of nutritious food whilst watching the latest live racing. The menu consists of dishes stemming from renowned cycling regions, constructed by acclaimed cycling chef Henrik Orre. These dishes are ideally complimented by our house coffee, supplied by Workshop coffee (@workshopcoffee), or our frequently changing Guest.


Clubhouse Menu

The crafted menu consists of a range of hearty breakfast options. Followed by dishes designed to prepare, fuel and replenish a cyclist. Additionally we also serve granola, rice and brownie ride bars, so you can indulge in the Rapha Clubhouse Cafe on the road.

Off the bike? The menu consists of fresh ingredient filled dishes, sourced from the most distinguished cycling regions. The Roubaix Soup topped with Mimolette Cheese in particular is the ideal dish, accompanied by a glass of Campo di Sasso our Tuscan Merlot, to enjoy whilst watching the live racing.

Have a look at our Café menu below:
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