You can still call him “Mr. Snob”

In case you missed it, the BikeSnobNYC has come out of protective custody and declared that he is not a snob at all. He’s Eben Weiss, a born and bred New Yorker who just happens to be blessed by living in a city that leaves him never short on material.

Turns out that the reputation for New York cyclists as being “very serious” is true, the road racing scene can be a bit more staunch and serious than need be— for example, last month in Central Park with the Rapha Condor Sharp team we had a very “strong” woman on a tri-bike screaming at us as she powered through our pack. I think even Deano was afraid to try and catch on to take her for the imaginary finish line at Tavern on The Green she must have been racing for. Still, as serious as that side of our sport can be, the scenes and characters of NYC have given the Snob fertile land to explore the past couple of years on his blog.

If you like a bit of a chuckle at ourselves and our sport, you’ll be happy to know that his new book is not simply a collection of his musings repurposed from the site. Rather, it is a comprehensive look at cycling through his lens of satire and bemusement.

Turns out Eben, aka. Mr. Snob, is a pretty decent rider, racer and dare I say advocate for the sport of cycling. Also turns out he is actually funny and knows how to write a quick-reading book that should make you smile. Not to mention he knows a good jacket when he sees it.

We don’t sell it here, but it shouldn’t be hard to find at your favorite bookseller, it looks like this.