“10/2, the day it all changed.” – Lance Armstrong

It’s tough to be a cyclist and not somehow have Lance Armstrong come into topic somewhere along the way. When you talk with people who don’t ride, most of them (especially if they are Americans) know little about our sport—but they know Lance. Amongst cyclists there’s the constant divide of “Did he or didn’t he?” Is he the greatest ever? Was his sole focus in preparing for the Tour brilliant, or lacking in comparison to the traditional paths of Eddy, Mig, and Hinault? Why would the “old man” come back and risk it all this year? What’s left to prove?

But the one thing that I think both the non-cyclist and veteran rider agree on is that Lance’s story of Cancer survival is amazing. Nearly a thing of fiction really, it’d be tough for the most imaginative storytellers to create a tale of overcoming those sorts of odds to become a legendary champion.

It might seem odd to see this on the Rapha site, but during my years at Nike I was fortunate to get to spend some time with “Mellow Johnny”, and helped to bring his stories and the LIVESTRONG message to life. So, I know that October 2nd is a very special day for Lance and now for millions of other people around the world who believe. Happy anniversary.