Travels with Daisuke

The first Yonretto ride is now live on the site. It is great to see what happens in another part of the world. How cyclists go about their routines in another part of the world. Seeing the Rapha Continental evolve to encapsulate another country, another continent is exciting to say the least. With the likes of photographer Brian Vernor behind the lens we can assume that there is much more in store for the Yonretto program.

Japanese Rapha agent Daisuke Yano has put the whole project together himself over the course of the last year. Wrangling bicycles, routes and prepping the riders for what will be their foray into “epic” – a word that now evokes chuckles at mere mention. The feelings, emotions, and ‘sensations’ are all the same, no matter how you slice it, no matter where you ride it. My favorite image of the group is this one where Daisuke himself is standing amid a sea of boxes and packaging. Imagining that there may be an end, but not knowing where it lies. Up ahead somewhere.

I had the pleasure of playing host to Daisuke when he was here in Portland before we left for the NAHBS show. It was a rushed visit as we stopped by three different shops in the span of two days. Ira Ryan, Tony Pereira, and the whole of Cielo Cycles were certainly excited to visit with him. It was an amazing process in which to both watch and participate. Daisuke is so well versed in all the intricacies that go along with each of these frame builders that it seemed as though each of his questions was well thought out and rehearsed. But, that is alright because I get the same way every time I am around Jay Sycip, head of production at Chris King and Cielo.

And equally exciting was to hear all the stories that Daisuke had to tell about Guy Andrews recent Rouleur trip to Japan. I have to admit that it worked out nicely for me, because with each visit (Tony, Ira, CK) I had the pleasure of hearing another expertly told tale about Guy and Taz’ Japanese experience. Expect some mind-blowing features in the upcoming issue. Not sure how much I am supposed to give away but I bet that we will see some pieces about the Keirin School, maybe something about Nagasawa and more Shimano dirt than you can shake a dirty mudguard at.

And if you need anything Rapha or Independent Fabrication related while in Japan do yourself a favor and look up Daisuke.

Also, check out the Cielo Cycles new website for more photos of their bicycles and process.