The Duke in New York City

Photo by Dan Sharp

This fresh faced young man is known as Dean ‘the Duke’ Windsor. The Australian moved over to Rapha Condor Sharp from the Drapac-Porsche racing team this year after winning the Most Aggressive Rider award at the Jayco-Herald Suntour in October. With his website Dean’s family, and hometown of Bathurst can follow along with his travels and racing. Below is a short piece that he wrote about his experiences in New York City. It is easy to think of these riders as well traveled men of the world, but his perspective shows us that the the wonder of New York City can, and will, get to everyone.

The City of all Cities
Words by Dean Windsor

Is there someone in the world that can’t tell you something they love about New York? I doubt it. Being Australian or for that matter any nationality, you can’t escape the profile of New York. It is in the movies, in the music, on the television, and in the news. We may not of been there, but we all know what it’s like. Deja vu wierdarama central; TV shows and the songs such as the one has been over played on the radio recently “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” mean that you not only know what it looks like, but you expect to know the feel and smell as well.

Of course the events of New York have scarred me, the world changed because of 911; it was the biggest event of my life time. More recently the world squirmed and lay down as the New York stock market fueled the Global Financial Crisis. A reminder that the Big Apple is big news and we all take notice. What is crazy is how much you can relate to this city without giving it a thought.

Around every corner is something you know.
 Check out this place; here’s is a monster size person driving his oversize All-American Ford F250 Pickup. Now I am looking at a skyline I expect to see, but this time it’s breathtaking because for the first time it is real. Maybe I know it because of past pictures, but this time I have got the whole show belting me in the face. New York is alive, and although you have been bombarded with its story and image before you go there, once you step into it, your senses are blasted with the energy of life.

What’s that Noise? An NYPD car in front of a notorious New York Fire Truck, it has got the ladder and the works, and those guys in it looks as though they are off the set of spider man off to perform feats of American bravery.

It’s all big and alive; the river dividing Manhattan and Brooklyn with the Brooklyn Bridge staring back at you like some arrogant celebrity demanding respect. Likewise, the Empire State Building hits you in the eyes and almost forces you to repeat its name under your breath. It makes you want to stand up straight. I almost saluted.  

I never gave New York a thought before I arrived, honestly I couldn’t tell you 3 things about the place. Or so I thought. But when I got here I recognized the stunning sights like beautiful Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden, and Times Square. But it was the fact that I could recognize Avenues, Mail Delivery Trucks, Shops, Advertisements, and fire escapes, Taxi’s, people, and how did I just now my way around with perfect direction?

I was given a great opportunity to search this city with a sunrise ride with the locals whom all seem to be like TV characters and larger than life. With the help of our local friends (Rapha Racing NYC) advice we met on the ride we created our New York travels. With the adventure finishing at the Breslin for an extraordinary dinner with bikes and Rapha the focus it was hard to escape the buzz of the Big Apple. New York lives up to the excitement of the city of power and it how it offers a super adventure beyond the hype.